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I Have been having some serious pay issues the last couple of months, i have now been told that it as been passed onto the Tiger Team. Does anyone actually know who or what they are


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Yep, They are the one's who can sort your shite out at a higher level than HR Admin can.
AG's SF.... :roll:
I thought the "Tiger Team" were an asset tracking organisation for the tracking of MoD assets in and out of op theatres? Recall them bar-coding all our vehicles on entry to Iraq and then visiting at end of tour with bar-code readers!

The Tiger Teams were originally set up to do asset tracking, but it was never exactly clear who they belonged to... They seem to have an open licence to stick their noses into what ever they liked..

They seem to be made up from "mature" TA Teeth arm NCOs with no log or staff background and only a vague idea of what they were looking at. Nice enough guys, but they seemed to spend most of their time doing inventory checks of the PX and any other goodie shop they could find. Every time I asked them what exactly they were doing or who they worked for, they did the 450M stare (with bifocals) and selected "vague" on the communication channel!

I think if they had been Sup Specs (or better still Sup Cons in old money) or VS and worked directly for SO2 Sup they would have come up with more useful information...

Oh - but we don't have enough Sup Specs and we disbanded the Sup Con and VS trades... silly me!

.. but don't worry - we can bung a few old sweats from the 4 Mercian Milita in and they will be able to sort out the feckups in the log chain... (cos they are not loggies!)

..Yeah Right!


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Your getting the two mixed up.

The asset tracking Tiger Team developed from the TEDY (Theatre Equipment Database Yugoslavia) Team. They were sent to the Balkans to locate all British Military Equipment from vehicles to corimecs. I know this cus I was one. A summer tour of the area based in DJ Barracks Split. And you say clerks have it cushy.

The other Tiger Team deal with admin issues that can't be dealt with at unit level.
B_AND_T said:
The other Tiger Team deal with admin issues that can't be dealt with at unit level
Basically, all the I-supports that you send that you get back that say "speak to unit HR" and you cuss because your Unit HR told you to raise an I-support, are dealt with by these guys.

They do the stuff we used to do at unit level, but for whatever reason have had it stripped. E.G. anthing over 8 months old and changes of LSA day amounts amougnst other stuff.
Quite funny seeing all this stuff about Tiger Team. Each service has a fast reaction team with extra access to JPA and that's us. Not a big team but we do what we can to sort problems given and direct queries to where anyone can actually get an answer as fast as possible.
Tiger Team is just a phrase used to describe a quick reaction team. Nothing more than that. Also known as a Focal point.
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