Tiger Tanks

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Bombs_Gone_Skip!!, Jul 15, 2011.

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  1. Was once told quite a few years ago by an ex TA there are Tiger tank hulks on either Warcop or Otterburn Ranges (can't remember which)

    How true???

    I don't know,,,,,,,,,
  2. Nah they're not Tigers, they're QAs who got lost on their way to DKMH Catterick.
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  3. There are only 6 Tiger Mk1s left in the world, and about the same of Mk2 If you read the PzKwVI Haynes guide reviewed on book club it gives the locations of them all
  4. Tropper, did you take them out with a PIAT?
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  5. That's because they were the only ones who managed to escape from Tropper...or the 'Kursk Can-opener' as he was known.
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  6. Don't be silly.

    They're the ones he DIDN'T get.


  7. WatchingWater

    WatchingWater Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Don't be silly, Tiger Tanks were too far down Tropper's list of concerns, they were nothing more than harmless flies to him.
  8. Oi, Tropper is your location seriously Isca? As in Isca Silurum?
  9. Tropper

    To save me buying the book, where are those six examples? You'd think there would be more than that. I seem to recall that there is one in the Bundeswehr tank museum at Munsterlager, but I may be mistaken. There is certainly a Tiger II there.
  10. Some time ago a 'Schmalturm' or 'narrow turret' designed for the late model PzKw V Panther Mk F was found on Larkhill artillery range and quickly recovered once it was realised how rare this piece of kit was. Sadly it had been badly damaged and is now on display in Bovingdon.
  11. Doubtless, there'll be a few intact Tigers in the Pripet Marshes just waiting to be dug up.
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