Tiger Tank

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Johnny_Norfolk, Jul 16, 2006.

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  1. I was at Bovy the other week and saw thr Tiger Tank they had on display.

    It was very impressive to think it is over 60 years old.

    Have you seen it ?
  2. Hmm just think of going against it with a PIAT or a bottle of petrol.
  3. Don't break it, they've only just got it going again! I live in Bovy and I still haven't seen it driving. They've got a working first world war Mk 4 as well; 90 years old and still going strong!
  4. Yes I have.

    Some years ago I was looking forward to it being "live" but the engine blew
    after the rebuild.

    Glad to learn it's fixed.
  5. AJ, Jeremy Clarksons father in law did just that at Arnem and won the VC for his actions. I think he personaly knocked out 5 or 6 Tigers that day! They screened a programme about his VC not so long back.
    Johnny, my mate D**** M****, ex 3RTR, now ABRO, took it completely apart and rebuilt it to as it is now! I saw it last week and it has a new transmission and engine and is working well! I think others are also involved in the project. The WW1 Mk 4 runs, but it's tracks are dissintigrating and the museum are reluctent to move it!
  6. On one of the US TV shows Discovery ? they had a running example of a Tiger.
    Also on their 'Greatest' series, they had a running Panther along with the German Officer who had commanded the Sqdn of King Tigers that one sees from time to time in the Newsreel from 45.
  7. He did indeed win a VC at Arnhem, see the link for an account (crap spelling though)

  8. Enough respect does not exist. I'd love to find a VC winner in my local and buy them a pint :)
  9. The only recipient of the VC at Arnhem to survive the battle.
    Clarkson made some comment to the effect that he didn't learn of the FiL's VC for some time after getting married because his wife, Major Cain's daughter, didn't know about it.

    "Some experts have been so impressed as to suggest that no-one was ever more deserving of the Victoria Cross than Major Cain."

    "Eventually, his eardrums burst from his constant firing, but he continued to take on any tanks he encountered..........."

    'kin 'ell! :eek:
  10. I seen that program he was 1/2 naked as a blast had removed most of his clothing I'm sure he was blinded in 1 eye as well as Clarkson was telling the story I kept expecting to be told that he was killed. I dont think clarkson found out about it until just before or after the old fella died.................ttal respect for the fella it took balls to take on a Tiger never mind 5/6 of them!.

    I seen the tiger down at Bovvy a few years ago in the hanger fantanstic resto on it but the engines from a Tiger 2 though
  11. I think that Tiger was stopped by a Churchill Tank 6pdr in Tunsia, from what I remember a round hit in the Tiger under the main gun, jamming the turret ring , crew did one, leaving the Tiger behind, along came reme with 5 pound lump hammer, bobs yor uncle, working tiger, then it was carted back of to the UK for trials then used to bring in the war bonds.

    nice to see the tiger working again, but those lads in the Churchills must have had some guts to go up against it, I think it was about 5 Shermans to take out one German Tank,

    Proud to be British

  12. theres some footage of the tiger on the move right at the bottom of this webpage


    plus a sh!t load of anorak enhancing stuff including a pdf of the Tigers manual from 1943
  13. Major Cain also whilst fighting Germans at Arnhem, threw a grenade which bounced back, diving to the ground as it exploded above him, he realised the ground he had fell on was still smouldering from a fire, once side of him was bone dry and the other side sopping wet, he didnt fire a piat from the hip though and the tanks he knocked out werent Tigers but either MkVs or SPGs, one was a Stug111.

    I have his own diary and spoke to his Daughter when i did research for the Chrysalis programme with Jeremy Clarkson, he actually crashed on day one and spent his evening with his Sgt building up a glider from the U/S stock so he and his men could go to Arnhem on day 2

    He was certainly one tough man, and also cared deeply for his men, his account of the fighting around the museum are excellent and descrpitive
  14. Wasn't it a Fusilier in Italy that won a VC for taking out a Pz IV with a PIAT fired from the hip?
  15. That was fusilier Jefferson in Tunisia. He was actually standing legs apart and had the PIAT against his shoulder to fire. :wink: