Tiger Hunt

The old Colonel was on his annual visit to his old mess and was boring several young officers with his exploits in India. He was saying. " I was hunting Tiger, a man eater who had killed at least thirty locals. I knew we were close because the spoor was very fresh. Suddenly, he leaped into view, not ten feet away. He looked me straight in the eye and opened his mouth wide, showing huge teeth and gave a mighty roar...RAAARGHH !!." The Colonel paused, red faced and with a look of horror, shuddered. The tense silence became unbearable and one young officer said. " What happened then sir ? " The old man quietly replied. " I shit myself. " The young officer, a bit uncomfortable, said. " Well sir, I think I would have shit myself too, face to face with a man eating tiger. The Colonel shouted. " Not then, you bloody fool, just now when I went...Raaarghh !!
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