Discussion in 'REME' started by Thread_Bear, Feb 17, 2007.

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  1. how can a craftsman with a regi number of 2517.......sit on a tiffy board? Just spotted in on army net
  2. Good luck to him, he might be a SSGT in 6 years then, and still wet behind the ears.
  3. He's obviously a prime candidate, talks in riddles, can't make a decision, spine made of universal joints and well greased shoulders!
  4. jealousy, jealousy!
  5. alb

    alb Clanker

    Do the REME still take soldiers with HNDs/Degrees and accelerate them through the system dependent on age and experience. I know this was so many years ago, although I have not witnessed this in my time in the glorious Corp. I know they need to get value for money from Tiffys, but I truly believe that time served experience should not be disgarded. If you look at techs who recieve accelerated promotion, some handle it easily and others do not. Tiffy is the same, some handle the rank and others are found wanting.

    Ignorance is not a sign of intelligence!

  6. Judging by the ones I met and meet on here, most are still found wanting.
  7. Did you fail your PAAB by any chance?????
  8. there was a lad i went through basic training with who had more qualifications than a tiffy and he was 26 at the time he gottold that he would be pushed forward. borden didnt do anything to fast track him through anything and he still had to do all the basic vm course. the reme will not help you out one iota you have to beg borrow and still everything you get. saying that i would never consider re-trading or signing of. and i am 7 nearly 8yrs down.
  9. We've made progress recently - now soldiers who join with relevant civilian qualifications can make an application either to be fast-tracked on to the Class 1 course and/or to miss parts of the Class 1 course in areas where their previous qualifications make repeated training unnecessary. Seems the system is working quite well - DEME(A), MCM Div and SEME/SEAE get involved in working out how much acceleration is appropriate and then the guy can get on an earlier course and only study the parts that they need to do. Some people have been accelerated by as much as 18 months to 2 years. Good news.
  10. You are perfectly right there. MB.When I joined up I had completed my VM civillian apprenticeship and holding C&G qualification. The best that Bordon offered me was two weeks off basic, which I told them to shove it. But after completing the course I was glad that there was no exemption. There is a need to learn the trade the REME/ARMY way.
  11. If someones qualifications are that good, why join the Army???????????
  12. they do there was a lad at my first unit had 9 A*'s at GCSE level and he was a crafty.
    go figure
  13. I take it that means he could just about read and write. LMAO!
  14. there was a female Cfn VM i met a couple of years ago who had an honors in mech engineering and a masters in robotic engineering.....

    good worker as well.. not so sure if she will stay in for long.
  15. Paper qualification is not all, many of these qualified people, if they work for a hundred years may never gain the experience and exposure that the services provide. Some can be C**** with qualifications to prove it.