Tiffy Wpns the way ahead

Discussion in 'REME' started by QManWpns, Jan 25, 2007.

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  1. I am a Tiffy Wpns, i really want to become an officer but i did not come off the WO1 board. Can anybody give me advice on how i can become an officer as a WO2?
  2. (Can't help thinking someone has stolen you log in details and posted this!)
    Tried the RAF as an Eng Off?
    Was a route for folk a while back, AGC even? They promote from Cpl still dont they?
    Best of luck all the same.
  3. Quite strange this one ,because in june 2006 you were telling everyone on this site you were a WO1!!
    You state "Of course Im taking my rifle I just wanted to know whether a pistol would make me look like a chopper or not would other WO1s in theatre be carrying them aswell as their rifle"
    On the same day RUMRUNNER states to you "Strange question for a WO1 to be asking QMan"
    You reply " Not really"

    Now are you a WO1 or W02 or is this a WIND UP.
    Lastly I do not believe any WO1 or WO2 would post that question on how to become an officer ,especially one from an airborne background.
  4. cellar dweller or gun fighter?
  5. And its all gone quiet over there!
  6. Perhaps QMW was an acting WO1 in Theatre, stranger things have happened.
    WO2 can aply for commision in other Corps, Gordon F from 2 RGJ in 2001 became a Det Commander in the AGC f'rinstance.
  7. Have you tried Civvy instructor with the cadets?
  8. Sorry just seen this, this is a wind up. I have castigated those responsible and also changed my password details.
  9. I have to come clean though, there is a lot of truth in what was stated, i really do want to become an officer. I am on the reserve board for WO1 so fingers crossed that i will pick up and have the opportunity to apply in the future.

    As for the person who started this thread, i have no idea who he is and i admire him for making me realise that i am really up myself and need to calm down. And just to fininsh off the truth hour, i have not castigated them for two reasons, firstly i dont know who they are and secondly i dont know what it means!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Make your mind up!
    Bleeding Tiffies!
    Ha ha
    (It could have been a lot worse with access to your log in details to be fair)