Tiffy Time Bar?


I think youll find time bars disappearing soon something to do with them not being legal under european law. caught a glimse of a letter to this affect.


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It says in MCM Div Manning Instr No 2 that:

17. Tradesmen/technicians posted or detached from a unit to attend a long course (normally Class 2-1 upgrading or Artificer course) are required to commit themselves to a guaranteed return of service in recognition of the training, both financial and operational, being offered. Details of the current Returns of Service (formally referred to as Time Bars) associated with each REME course are shown in Reference E. REME MCM Div will issue a Return of Service proforma with course joining instructions. This proforma must be signed by the soldier, countersigned by an officer and returned to REME MCM Div before a student will be allowed to attend a course.

I didnt sign nowt tho', i could just about read and write when they put me on after my five second PAAB so that might have been the reason.

Signature here Sgt Catch......
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Oh not very good at English eh?
Me bad at English thats unpossible!
Oh just let him thru' Chief he is special
Time bars are due to disappear in order to aid retention. Not enough VM's going for class 1 cos the little darlings don't like the idea of Return of Service.


I'm on my tiffy course now I haven't signed anything seen any change in terms of service forms and have no intention to sign anything either .



Looking at your last question on here, the powers that be are probably just saving paper!!!!!! How did your resit resit go????????
Why are people so acutely aware of how long they are time barred for?? How many of the guys and girls on tiffy courses right now are going to sign off as soon as they have got there quals in their hand??
There is no such thing as a free lunch, you get the quals for free, no-one fails,you are paid a good wage to do it, and yet there are troops incessantly moaning about human rights.
Get a grip, fair is fair
Same as the aero thread. Thought this was a new choccy bar.
EX_REME said:
Same as the aero thread. Thought this was a new choccy bar.

Did anyone mention CHOCOLATE!!!!!!

oops sorry Im an artisan came on the thread for fat bast*rd reasons sorry for entering the top 10% top 10% thread. Where's the chocolate and John Smiths thread at ex_REME?

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