Tiffy Promotion Ban

Discussion in 'REME' started by boycie, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. Has anyone seen the "temporarily removed" corp instruction on promotion. I am led to believe that Tiffy's will now have to serve a minimum of 4 years before going to a WO2 promotion board. Is this due to VEng? Have those recently started a Tiffy course been informed of this change?
  2. As far as I remember tiffies always had to serve a minimum of 4 years before being in the zone for promotion.

    Lets be honest here, no matter how experienced & how good you are, should we really expect someone to be promoted to warrant rank after only 1.5 tours :?
  3. Don't worry yourself you can't even spell 'Corps Instruction'!!! :D
  4. Arrse90, and you can't place apostrophes when abbreviating!
  5. seen!!
  6. The current rule is 3 years sub rank before you go to the board.

    However, REME MCM can bend the rules to suit...

    Last board had 2 course's on that hadn't completed 3 years....
  7. Tiffy A Mech,

    The rules were not being bent, what happened was different filter rules were applied for a couple of years to stop some soldiers being disadvantaged because the Army moved the promotion year dates forward by 6 mths. Even so no tiffy would get sub promotion until they had served 3 years a a SSgt.
  8. and another thing.........

    The 4 years as a SSgt rule has been contemplated but as far as I am informed, the bright idea almost immediately dismissed. A spurious Corps Instr E6 did briefly appear on the DEME(A) website a few months back - no-one in Arborfield appears to lay claim to this "amendment" which was flawed in many areas and referred to out of date references that predated the extant 2003 version.
  9. Seams a little discriminatory when there is no requirement for Recovery Mechanics, Tech Storemen, RS or other trades that now feed the WO RQMS and RCMO slots to do 4 years as SSgts before promotion
  10. Just to add other arms dont tend to do 4 years as SSgts either!!

  11. Ban me I'm far too high, the maths is difficult on the pay statement now :p
  12. Thats true that Recy Mech, Tech Storeman etc don't have to do 4 years, however non Artificer trades have to do a min of 16 yrs until they are eligible for SSgt.

    Swings and round abouts if u ask me.
  13. 14 years now, I believe?
  14. i remember being told that going the tiffy route would give you fast track through the ranks. but as we can see now that is not the case. loggies (waste of a few good lungs if you ask me) only need 2 years in rank before being selected and all they do is do stock checks and servicing.
    surerly as a tiffy the fast track promotion should still be the way, or, if not, slow the rest of the the staffies down in the corps and or other cap badges....
  15. Remember that REME has some of the best chances to get to WO2 & WO1 c/w other capbadges in most trades. Our CEG structures are quite top heavy. We have more WOs as a percentage of the total Corps soldier strength than any other major capbadge.

    It used to be 4 or 5 years wait as a SSgt. At least this meant that as a WO2 you had a reasonable amount of experience - helping you perform better as a WO and importantly do better for the guys below you.

    These days (as a tiffy anyway) nearly all those WO2s recommended will get to WO1 even if distinctly average!

    The REME merit tempered by years of service promotion system gives more good guys a chance of promotion. In some Corps like the AGC its merit only. A few stars get to WO1 very quickly and then block that SSM slot for 10+ years. Do we want that?

    Finally - if you are a quality individual who performs at a very high standard you will get on. If we start getting jealous of other Corps its a sad thing. Are people suggesting they would rather have the job satisfaction (not) associated with many other capbadges. If so, perhaps they should have joined a different capbadge.