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i know im going to get loads of shite from artisans now, but hey-ho. has anyone got a definative answer on the tiffy pay **** up. Is everyone getting the pay rise? are the ones who got it paying it back and getting dropped or frozen in the bands? sick of hearing rumours can anyone clarify please?
The word on the ground is that those who have been over-paid will have to pay back the extra cash that they are not entitled to. Which in some cases amounts to over £10,000. I did a check with an employment lawyer friend who tells me that this is all correct in the eyes of the law.
"Word on the ground" FFS

Word on the ground is that I've got a 15" c0ck. Funnily enough it aint exactly true.
i have just spoke to someone from DEME A on the SUBJECT. He told me that all those concerned should be recieving a personal letter on the matter soon. in January 07 the pay will be resolved for all those over paid, either dropping the extra bands or marking time. the matter of weather the overpayments are to be recovered has gone to the treasury, as the army know that wich ever way the decision goes it will leave a bitter taste in the mouths of some. i got it and im not paying the t***s back!
I just got my letter today and I will drop down 3 pay scales as at Dec 31. I have advised my pay office I will be challenging the decision and I am in the process of writing a letter for this. I am in a position where I applied for and got a mortgage on my new pay scale and have been making payments on it since May. If I drop back down it will affect my ability to pay my mortgage. I have seeked advice on this and a letter to your pay office is your start point. My next step is ACAS followed by a solicitor. This shambles all originated from order of march (i.e. were you promoted first or given trade pay first) and until this year there was nothing set in stone on how to promote a tiffy, clerk of works etc. The army eventually put this in writing I believe in June. Up until this date who is to say what was right and wrong. I have been advised to fight this all the way and if it is decided by the treasury that the money I have been over paid has to be paid back I will be left with no option but legal action.
Recived letter today also. Fortunately been out the lobotamy clinic a while so I'll only drop one level, but will by then owe (aledgedly) best part of 7G. Will be interesting to see what becomes of the legal wranglings and albyrne, feel free to get in touch and keep me up to date. Must be a good case for, as the yanks would say, a class action law suit ??

Someones right royaly fcuked up and its about time we had a sacraficial lamb from glasgow. I don't care if its the coffee boy but someone needs to put their hands up and carry the can for this.

As a thread on army mail says....... Glasgow, invisible and untouchable :x :x :x :x :x

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