Tiffy over payment has been written off by the treasury

Discussion in 'REME' started by findlay, Feb 12, 2007.

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  1. The decision has been made on the over payment. The treasury has written off the money. Speak to your pay office for confirmation.
  2. I can hear the sighs of relief coming from the coffee rooms.
  3. Have you got a reference we can quote please..... :thumright:
  4. 11 Feb 07


    1. The final element of the Pay 2000 Follow on Work corrected the Level to Level anomalies and resulted in a number of soldiers receiving an advantaged rate of pay. A decision was taken in Jul 06 to revert individuals to the correct rate of pay. This work was completed by AFPAA and effective from 1 Jan 07.

    2. The decision on whether write off or recovery action should be taken on the overissue of pay lay with CE AFPAA. AFPAA have been pursuing write off of the overissue with HM Treasury and were notified on Fri 9 Feb 07 that their write off case has been approved.

    3. RAO staff will be notified today by email and AFPAA intend to write to individuals shortly.
  5. Anyone else feeling really ANGRY after missing out on this selective cash bonanza?
  6. Totally pi**ed off. might as well knock off now and let the "advantaged" do my work, after all they have been paid approx £10k more than me in the last year or so. No hard feelings!!!, i would have liked to have put a deposit down on a house as well.
  7. You've both been paid the going rate for the job you do ; these guys just got lucky, a rare occurence indeed. What's the problem - would it have made you both feel better if they had to repay the overpayment?
  8. Dont come in here with your DEME(A) PR tool and try and tell me to feel good about this...dont dare try!!!

    I stand next to my equal and he is laughing at me because of the negligence of the "un-named". Your paid a fair wage adds to the spit already running down my face.

    These forums are riddled with Officers tryin to spin the situation better and your little addition insults me.

  9. Well i did get it and if its true, i'm glad that we are getting to keep it. It helped a lot with the mortgage, car, widescreen telly etc. :thumleft:

  10. What planet are you on, they did not get lucky. Somebody in the pay world f***ed up. Let them keep the money but don't come on here and expect the people who were not given a "bonus" to be happy about it. If one of our corps had made such a momentus "c**k up" we would have been sacked. I would like someone to put their hand up and claim responsibility.
  11. Personally, if you are decent enough chaps, I think you should come clean and donate the excess pay to the REME benevolent fund.
  12. alb

    alb Clanker

    Guys, I think everyone needs to step back and look at what has happened. There is alot of good comment on these threads as well as total bull. This pay issue is not dead in the water. Fact, Corps instructions say you should recieve your SSgt first and then your tiify qualification second. Fact, May 2006 was when the correct order of march was set in stone, before this who is to say if it was right or wrong. Fact, people have been advantaged however has everyone else been disadvantaged. If like me you say yes, then continue to fight this. I have had alot of advice on this matter, both civilian and military, and I have been told not to let it lie. It was not that long ago when you were rewarded with a big pay rise on promotion. If you do such a long demanding course then the pay reward should be more than one increment. Its no wonder tiffy numbers are dropping.
  13. Thanks for that bud.

    Not a Tiffy but I did get a letter last year telling me I'd been overpaid as a result of these 'level to level' anomalies (to the tune of £2.5k).

    Wish I hadn't given it all to charidy now.......... :thumright:
  14. TiT!
  15. I have just disbelief that this was allowed to happen... simply put, it should have been repayed, no ifs, no buts.

    Those spineless masters (who I've no doubt won't be held to account for the error) that let this run its course to eventual write off, have shirked their responsibilities and let the entire Armed Forces community down. For them to do NOTHING is a disgrace. How many posters here have been unable at some stage to demand particular spares, manning, adv trg funding etc?... at a guess, ALL OF US!! This is because the big MoD moneypot isn't as big as we'd all like. Well, guess where that overpayment has come from.... the same stretched moneypot. Sorry but IMO every penny counts and we are all obliged to do our best to make that budget work for everyone.

    I think it will be hard for most of us to be happy for our advantaged colleagues... why should we be? Not so long as we are all making do/struggling with limited resources.