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Ive just put a bid in for a tiffy maths course, can anyone tell me where i can find a good website or referance material to prepare for the course. Im currently not at a REME unit so im getting a lot of confused looks when i ask my chain of command this question.

Thanks in advance
There is a Tiffy maths cse on the DLP and iirc there is also some info on the 10trg Bn (SEME) site.

PM me your DII email and I'll send you through the links...
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the Asm needs one for showing off at the weekend and battalion are due to travel to Salisbury in two days.
Only maths you will need


You don't need a course to pass Tiffy Maths. A mong can do it (I'm living proof) without a course.
I've heard it's a good piss up with an exam at the end. I just sat the exam at my unit.

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If you take a look at the BBC bite size GCSE stuff online you will get the idea.

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Piss up yes, exam easy NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Easy bird in Winchester f cked me up whilst getting my brown wings up.

Took me more than 3 hours to spunk cos of booze and was dead the next day of the exam lol.

I failed.
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i wouldn't worry too much about swatting up prior going on the course. if the instuctor is the same as it was 4 years ago, then you should be ok. Unless you're a f$%^ing SuBo then should you be really be doing the course.

trust me, you should be fine, you'll have plenty of instruction and you'll get plenty of chances to to mix with the Special Pen Service chaps and ask them why they insist on us updating our passport details and personal information on JPA every 2 weeks. Plus its a good piss up in Winchester.
If you want to brush up on your GCSE maths, take yourself off to Waterstones or Ottakers or whatever they call themselves and go to the education and reference section. There is no porno section unless you look at the animated magazines on the way. Look for either a CGP GCSE Revision guide that includes higher maths or the Collins revision guide for GCSE it has what looks to like a radio telescope dish on the front. Make sure you get the one that says "Higher" not "Foundation" on the front.

I will supply the ISDN if you need it

I now teach maths to secondary school pupils after 22years of strangling nuts and fixing the odd vehicle or two.
memories... oh memories... one of the best piss ups alright, there again that was in Mulhiem in the late 80's!! going to Dusseldorf (Altstadt) on the pop... the exam.. hmm cant remember :)
Do you need to learn chain rule?
No not during tiffy maths. Tiffy maths is taken purely to ensure that tiffy veh and wpn candidates are above a certain benchmark and will all be able to start the tiffy course from a level playing field.

Chain rule is used during the tiffy course, why do you ask?
Cos I fcukin hates chain rule... we do it on the Royal Signals Class 1 course for Sys Eng Tech.
Cos I fcukin hates chain rule... we do it on the Royal Signals Class 1 course for Sys Eng Tech.
I'll tell you a story.

I did electronics at university. My very last ever lecture before finals in the "Signals, systems and communication" course was about differentiating between multiple signals in an electronically noisy environment. The bloke giving the lecture had multiple PhDs and was a national authority in his field.

He explained the concepts using Hilbert space. That's space with an indeterminate number of dimensions. For the purposes of the lecture, the number of dimensions was set at infinity. He then introduced the concept of a signal source being represented by a beach ball.

This beach ball existed in an infinite number of dimensions and our man spent half an hour explaining that the infinite mass of the beach ball was concentrated in an infinitely thin shell at the surface. Many, many equations later, we reached the point of the lecture: Another mathematical proof that, if two beach balls overlap, it is not possible to identify either signal source.

After a full hour of bollox (that's n-dimensional hyperspherical bollox of course) a classmate raised his hand and asked "Are you trying to say that, if there's too much hiss and interference, you can't tune the radio in to the station you want?"

After a long pause, the only response the nutty professor could muster was "Yes."

Mathematicians try to make maths look hard because it makes them feel good about themselves. Take the chain rule. It boils down to primary school arithmetic:-

Take a look on the Wikipedia page for the chain rule. Reams of shite involving limit theory and partial differential calculus. Why? Because the bloke who wrote that is in his 40s and has never felt the warm embrace of a woman, that's why. It's the intellectual's version of looking at yourself in the mirror while lifting weights at the gym.

So just remember:-

1 Maths is easier than it looks.
2 Arrsers aren't as daft as they look - we can help you
3 You had more rampant totty last weekend than the lecturer has had in his entire life.
I was once told to buy American books on subjects like that... apparently British academia has a tendency of overegging the pudding in such fields in order to make them seem 'intellectually awesome'.
Are there Tiffy Maths courses that you attend anymore, I recall a move to put them on the DLP and you take the exam in your unit.
Are there Tiffy Maths courses that you attend anymore, I recall a move to put them on the DLP and you take the exam in your unit.
Yes there are, details are on MS web. The next course concludes 04/05/12. Exams sat in unit have to be completed on the same day. This goes for trade exams too.
I can confirm that if you sit your exams at a unit it is done on the same date as the maths course sits theirs.

Maths in the morning followed by trade in the afternoon was a barrel of fun!

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