Tiffy Courses due to change? Anyone any info?

Discussion in 'REME' started by Duff_Man, Oct 22, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone else not find this strange that ever since the talk of Versatile Engagement coming in, there has been talk of the tiffy courses changing. This tiffy course change would take away the majority of trade quals and replace them with management orientated quals and work based learning that are not up to the current standard of the current:
    Tech - BSc Electronic Engineering
    Mech - HND Mechanical Engineering
    Now i know if i served 22 years and had a BSc in Electronic Engineering i would get out, even if offered VEng, because at 40 i am still very employable especially with having a degree and work experience, and i would get a well paid job on top of my pension.
    If you serve 22 years under the new planned regime you reach 40 and think, well i'm not very qualified to do much and would take a massive drop in pay if i get out, guess what, i'll take that VEng they've just waved under my nose.

    Anyone not think the same?

    Think this proposed change to the tiffy courses came out at the Defence Training Review last year. If anyone else knows any different then let me know, this might not happen however i think it will. In due course for the move to St Athens it would make training tiffies a lot easier if they were all trained relatively the same, regardless of trade, which equals big cuts in spending.
  2. Simply put, the Corps cannot afford to run the training it needs to due to Defence Budget pressures. If we were fully manned the sitaution would be even worse as more courses would be required. DTR has brought this realisation into clearer view. These tiffy cse discussions at HQ DEME(A) started well before VEng reared its head.

    Over time, many courses have lengthened with more focus on accreditation, civilian quals etc.

    If you only included the stuff on a tiffy cse that makes you an effective "technical" leader in an operational environment, tiffy cses could reduce to say 9 mths, rather than being 12-18 mths long. Should you be really spending more time learning more about your own trade? Is there too much repetition? Is the accreditation an expensive nice to have? Would not having the accreditation stop some souls going tiffy or is the accelerated promotion to higher ranks enough of a carrot?

    Regarding the quals that might be removed, with the portfolio of evidence most should be able to put into a CV after 22 years of service, I'm sceptical of the difference a few letters make after your name. Impress on interview remains the key IMHO.
  3. So what if you get an HND after a tiffy course, it doesn't make you a better tradesman. A tiffy course should rightly concentrate on management quals as it is a management course. Tiffys manage people, they don't do the course to be a god on the shop floor..they do the course to get promoted early and earn more money and get off the shop floor.
  4. If we continue to plool REME in Bns then I think that the time is right to steer the Tiffies toward the management route; they can then worry more about the administartion side of life, the PC can do the G1 and the Artisan can worry about running the shop floor. I am sure that this direction would compliment each other perfectly. This would be ideal in the Bns where you could have a couple of 'super platoons' but not work so well in the LADs where you would have the Tiff or Artisan running their own fitter sections in the Sabre Sqns/Coys etc where your engineering and management skills are required in equal amounts.
  5. Well said E_C I concur with the above.

    I relation to this thread title: "Tiffy Courses due to change? Anyone any info?" I have heard a rumour that the actual tiffy course (ACFC) will be changing to include a lot more emphasis on the military side of life, the old soldier first thingybob.