Tiffy Course?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by thenutstrangler, Jan 15, 2008.

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  1. Tiffys, more integrity than you can shake a stick at!

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  2. What's a Tiffy?

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  3. Tiffy = cheated on tests to cheat a crown

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  1. The questions are,

    How many tiffys are/have cheated their way through the course?

    Is it really that hard?

    How widespread is cheating on the course or is it just a vicious rumour created by "nasty jealous artisans"?

    Your thoughts.............................

    (and don't drop anyone in it you nasty so and so) :wink:
  2. i was under the impression cheating was compulsory.
  3. Cheating happens on every course from basics through upgraders and, shock horror, the tiffy course. Get over it.

    I have no doubt it happens on every single course that operates on a pass/fail basis.

    In my dim/dark past I have to admit to cheating at school by writing formulae on my ruler/hand/arm and anywhere else I thought I could get away with.

    He who casts the first stone perhaps :?
  4. The cheat thing is a standing joke throughout the Corps, however I know one individual that was caught and RTU'd in his last couple of months on the course, that sent a stark warning to those who dare in the future. No doubt some cheating must go on but nothing on the scale some people would make you believe.
  5. I resemble that remark............could you add fat and bald in that statement.

    I cant believe some Tiffies may of cheated 8O
    I will trust them with making me a brew anymore, wheres TWOSUP and 24_ALBERT I knew you couldnt of passed the course on your own :wink:
  6. I thought the "crib sheets" and "pass backs" from the previous course were part of the joining intructions ;)
  7. I remember a Class 1 course after me in the early 90's used crib sheets and cut out pencils but some cheeky sod had altered it to be two questions out. Quite a lot of re-sits in the Kremlin :twisted:
    You can tell i never cheated on my basic and class 1 course because of my low scores :wink:
  8. I still have the set of keys to the various buildings in the TTA as it was then, including the kremlin. There was a Car club in E shed at the time which gave us the perfect excuse to be around there mid week nights and as it was winter we had the cover of darkness.
    This was an era when soldiers knew how to be discreet (keep mouths shut) not so present day I believe.
    We may have learned something if we had spent our time studying instead of devising ways to cheat. Ask any LE Major, they probably won't admit it but invariably most were guilty of using the cheat option to help them through the course.
    To answer nutstranglers question the course is or was fukcing hard, you are doing an intense students job by day and a soldiers job the rest of the time with no real recognition. No wonder so many come off at the end absolutely manic.
    Many bluff their way to get there, act out a fantasy during the course by being sombody they are not in order to impress, by the time they have finished the course they have forgotten who they are.
    That said there are 3 great advantages to the system:
    The money
    The money
    The money
  9. Black pen + the brown bits on DPM = the perfect crib note - only YOU can see it!

    Now why were we always on QRF on exam days I wonder?.........
  10. There is no substitute for hard work at night with your head in your books putting in the effort and going the extra mile (instruction E5), or so I was told. I was also told that you couldn't pass the course by pishing it up in the mess every night and trying to do your project in the last 2 weeks, I soon proved that pearl of wisdom to be a bag of sh1te :roll:
  11. The current Chief Instructor is aware of this 'cheating' label and is hell-bent on erradicating it forthwith.

    Whether it occurs or not, is a different matter.

    Students have, and will continue to be RTU'd for any action which brings their integrity into question.
  12. Is that why the current set of students I talked to in October were told "the only way you will fail this course, is by taking yourselves off it". Speaking to one of the students whom I've worked with in the past, he said it took the shine right off the course, whilst many others thought "Great,buckshee course".
  13. A tiffy at my last place got a letter of severe displeasure and a posting to the Tidworth area for cutting and pasting on his WO's CLM.

    Although, couldn't of happened to a nicer bloke. Jumped up little cnut :D
  14. Is he an ex tiffy with something to prove to the world?
    He would not be the Chief intructor for very long if he denied the cheat option
    The smiling assasin used to fly mosquitoes, remember him?
  15. He wouldn't be short and ginger by any chance would he.......... :wink: :wink: