Discussion in 'REME' started by secret_squirrel1989, Apr 5, 2010.

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  1. Probably a bit of a bone question for all you seasoned larks out there, but as a wet-behind-the-ears nig just about to start on my trade training, can someone explain to me the difference between a tiffy and an artisan?

    Ta muchly for any help. And no, this is not a Wah...
  2. Cheers mate, much appreciated.
  3. Well that's two pages of being at each others necks ruined.
  4. Oh no, feel free. This is an open battle royale....
  5. Doesn't the difference between a tiffy and an artisan normally equate to (roughly) thirty years?
  6. Errrm, nope.
  7. An Artisan is generally good at one thing and a Tiffy isn't quite as good at a lot of things.
  8. We could do with a fish to go with the bag of chips!!

  9. Here we fecking go again Scotia!!!!!!lol
  10. I think I need to add that Artisans smell of boiled cabbage and are paid a low rate wage by the Army, where us Artificers are a bit bit more socially acceptable on the hygene front and get paid by Loreal............cos we are worth it................24A moving now................. :p
  11. Not playing as I'm on leave. Slaggin off seasoned Artisans and baiting fresh young tiffies is for the armys time, not mine :D
  12. Amazing isn't it? A Corps full of electrical and mechanical engineers and the concept of a well oiled machine comprising different components each of which is required to make it work still isn't understood.
  13. PMSL - OK have to give you that one - and the answer's No!
  14. Tiffy Baiting should be an Olympic Sport along with Lemon Sucking for Artisans!!!!.
    "An Artificer has the theoretical knowledge & ability to be an excellent Mechanical or Electrical Engineer,whereas the Artisan has the practical knowledge & ability & is already an excellent Mechanical & Electrical Engineer and by virtue of his ability can assist the Artificer to attain excellence."
    That is a direct quote from my Great Uncle who served as an Artificer in the RA & then REME and reached the rank of ASM.He said that without his Artisans he was nothing more than a glorified Technical Clerk.
    We should function like a well oiled machine but the world is not perfect,so as it is we should be reasonably happy.I think we have it just about right.
    I am an ARTISAN and proud of it.