Tiff can you help me?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Fat_Badge, Feb 9, 2008.

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  1. Should SEME just give out HND's and Crowns during PAAB? It'll save the MOD a fortune by not having to teach 'tiffys'. Tiffys don't need to do the course do they, instructors will pass the exam for them at resit-resit!
    Is this the truth at 'Boredom' or am I confused?
    If so I'm looking forward to getting to be one of the tiffy elite.
  2. I hope this isnt a fellow old crusty Artisan after a bite :D

    :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish: :fish:

    Come on Tiff you should know better not to put your photo on here :D
  4. To be fair, Fat-Badge has a point.
  5. what would that be? cant do it, wont do it, monk about it
  6. Not at all.
  7. as long as I can remember there has been tiffy bashing, and there always will be, until there is another way to produce the next generation of engineering managers. we are stuck with it, I don’t know what the way forward is but bashing tiffies wont solve the problem
  8. Exactly what i think, should i go tiffy so i can get 3 stripes and a crown by cheating / lying my way through 18 months or just be a content artisan? Do all tiffys cheat, if so the course must be too hard to pass by fair means.
    Has anybody ever passed with out cheating?
  9. The only way to get ahead in the REME is via Artificer training. How this "qualifies" someone to become a "manager" I don't know???

    I've met good Tiffs, bad Tiffs, useless Tiffs, but I've also met the same good/bad/etc Artisans.

    I think Tiffy selection/PAAB etc should change. I got gleaming results on a PAAB thing, and I'm useless! ;)
  10. Message - "thenutstrangler" Papa, Echo, November, 1, 5.

  11. WnS would you care to elaborate?
  12. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    If you can't work that one out, no wonder you can't decifer a passback disk.

    Or even get loaded.