Ties and shirts in them mess

Discussion in 'Seniors' started by APSED, Dec 3, 2003.

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  1. Are there fixed rules on the wearing of shirts and tie in the Sgts Mess or is upto the SM in charge of each mess to decide on dress code? Recently at my unit alot of the Sgts have just been wearing t-shirts or even football/rugby shirts in the mess.
  2. Collars and ties are required for the mess. The only exception that I have ever seen is when there is a fancy dress function or there is a "snug" bar.
  3. Sounds like the PMC nees to get a bit robust. Rugby tops in the Mess?? Why don't these people just go to their local pub? Would it be a Royal Corps Mess perhaps?

    I was chatting to some colleagues in the City last night and remarked that I was suprised to see a re-emgerance of suit and tie as work dress after years of "dress down".

    Apparently, people are tired of dressing like middle aged Americans and the suit is making a comeback. Only so many combinations for boring brown chinos and a blue shirt I suppose.
  4. It depends on the mess and the Mess Pres, having served in a Tri-Service post you find that the RN (gawd bless-em) rarely wear anything more than jeans and T'shirt, their grounds for this is that it is their home, why should they be made to wear.. blah blah
  5. It varies from mess to mess, I have been in messes where collar and tie are the order of the day and also to smaller messes where unless its a function then you could go in scruff order, as long as you didnt take scruff order to be sports kit or ripped jeans and a singlet. Presiding member usually makes the decision
  6. As a general rule it sould be smart casual for week days and collar/tie for the weekends in the main bar.

    hopefully most good messes will have a scruffs bar where probably the only thing not accepted is sports kit.
  7. It was like that in my last mess. It's our home, wear whatever we felt comfortable in. Only exception was functions. With every generation that comes up through the ranks to Sgt and above, of course dress attitudes will change. In a barracks, in the middle of nowhere, on a wet Wednesday night, with only a handful of seniors at the bar, I'd feel uncomfortable and stuffy stood in a collar and tie just for a quick pint or three !!

    Think of what it will be like in another 10-15 years time with the calibre of recruits going through now !!
  8. Stop it Gunny you are frightening me!!!

    Sadly though I know the reality having worked as an instructor in a Tri Service Training Organization.

    Personally I used to call the aforementioned establishment "The Demilitarized Zone" Still is I assume....

    Unless Keogh has changed?
  9. Aaaah, you mean HMS Keogh!
  10. Most messes run with, strides and a collar Sunday to Friday, then
    shirt and tie on a Saturday if dictated by the Badge.

    Best way to ensure that the single personnel can be at home most days of the week then,

    If needs must the home of the singly can be opened to pads on a Friday to chill out. in collar and slacks.

    If there is a function (or pissup) on a Saturday, then all can wear shirt and tie if the Badge dictates.

    Its the singlys house, pads are invaders, until the Badge says so.

    We all look forward to life in the mess, even if it is only 1 in 7 days a week.
  11. Whilst I'm all for decorum and standards we must remain sensible. I agree that those who live in the mess want the dress relaxed as it is their home. There are plenty of functions where we can get all dressed up!!

    If the dress code is too strict then no-one will use the mess as a social gathering place. Who wants to get dressed up like a dogs dinner when going out for a few pints...not me guv.

    If the rules were relaxed (except for specific functions) then maybe more people would use the messes to meet for a few before hitting the town.

    Unfortunately I've seen too many messes that resemble a ghost town....just one lonely singlie and the barman whinging that the place is dead.

  12. Elvis has left the building.
  13. H-D now you have pissed me off...
    i have to agree with you on your post..supposed it would happen eventually though.. But I am still a jock £80 on a pair of jeans..naw get me kingo's mate to get me set for £25... :D
  14. H-D.........How dare you summize that I have not been in many messes. In my 21 1/2 years of service I have been in more messes than you can imagine. And not only British messes. I have lived/eaten/drank in messes in Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Canada, California, Central America, UK and yes the Falklands.

    The mess is steeped in history and tradition. The "new breed" of soldier couldnt give a toss about these traditions. If you cant accept the rules then lets get rid of the messes and everyone can get pissed in the NAAFI bar, Juniors, seniors and officers.

    How do you think the Junior ranks will respect the seniors and officers in a situation where orders have to be given or received?

    Yes, I have not been in a mess in over 15 years, since I became a civvy.
  15. So basically H-D was right about you! You may have been in lots of messes but so long ago that you're no longer in touch with the current Mess Membership mindset.

    I know my onions on this. My 'Posting' name belies my actual status.

    Ex Dvr 1. Could your Kingo mate get me a pair for £25 please?