tied AION - new MMO - dont bother

Not a bad game , graphics and quality is good but has failed badly at its launch - last couple of nights its a 2 hour wait to even log in to play

Dont you always tend to get that with multiplayer online launches, after a few days they usually have the gremlins thrashed out and have enough servers put on to cope.
Some guildies have gone over to that and are having the same issues!! Think I'll stay where i am! :(
:D thats where my lot CAME from!

editted to add...nope that was DAOC :oops:
Managed to get onto a server sunday afternoon and kaned it for 12 hours with a tank class. Got to lvl 12 and having a break.

Not to hard to make gold , crafting is ok as you get xp out of it

Eqpt drops are pretty crap and loads AND loads of running about

If you have played AOC then the combat is pretty boring

bit of a grind fest tbh
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