"tie me underage kangaroo down sport"

Better deport him to the colonies then....... Ohh , wait a moment
How about "Son Arise"
Can he do his own artist's sketch when he's in court ... "Can you tell what it is yet?".
Let me teach you how to play my diger re do dah little girl.
So is a 'Rolfaroo' actually like 'teabagging', a 'Rusty Trombone' or a 'dirty sanchez'?

And what about that bloke who presented Glen Michaels Cartoon Cavalcade..bet he was a bit touchy with the yoofs..can't remember his name though.
FFS, how many years since he admitted to a spot of rough animal loving with "Tie Me Kangaroo Down"... and when they finally get round to talking to him it's about little boys???!

Coppers.. couldn't find a TV in a barrack block.
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