Tie down diagrams


Need help finding tie down diagrams for loading drops vehicles. ie landrover, trailers, sim loads.
was told by mt staff that we dont have them any more was wondering if they were available online.

Any help would be appreciated
I'm pretty sure it's in the AESP. I'm lucky enough to not have had to look for that stuff for a while!

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Well in that case just use any old uncontrolled copies of Tech Pubs that you find lying around. They rarely change anything in them and even if there has been updates, the old methods worked well enough.
I've got a lot of stuff in JSP 71 Vols 1 & 2.

Mind you it is 1974, what did you want Humber Pig, concrete mixer etc?
You are teaching this stuff and don't know the source information?
It's ok, It's for the TAs. They're all barristers and architects during the week so don't need to be taught from in date JSPs, as they are far more capable than regular soldiers.

Twice the citizen, don't you know.

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