Tie a knot in it.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by shaka, Jul 6, 2006.

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  1. A knot in her neck and in his. The kids will be better off in care.
  2. Just why, exactly.

    My mother was one of seven children, a number which was the norm in the thirties and forties, they were not a rich family and similarly lived close to the breadline. There is nothing wrong with large families per se, in fact there could be an arguement for having larger families since the countries birth rate is not sustaining our society.

    Were I younger and hitched, then I would go for as large a family as I could - I really would have liked a football team

  3. Yes no one disputes that, my grandmother came from a family of 12.
    But these people seem like spongers not like the families of the 30's
    that had to work for their crust.
  4. As was my mother, her father worked and supported his family. Times have changed and people are, or should be, more educated. Children need time from their parents; time to encourage them and appreciate them. You may be right, I hope you are. I just hope the children receive a good start in life and go on to achieve their ambitions.
  5. cut his of and singe hers till it seals (cant spell quaterize)
  6. At least thats an effective contraception then :lol:

    I would be depressed as well if i had to live with that rabble :lol:

    I aint surpised after 8 kids :lol:
  7. Yeah her uterus fell out
  8. Sven wrote "Why Exactly There is nothing wrong with large families"

    Well if you cant afford to raise them properly why should the tax payer have to foot the bill. I come from a family of 5 sisters and 2 brothers, my Mam and Dad never scrounged off the state to feed and clothe us.
  9. If you can't support them yourself, don't have them. There's the pill, injections, condoms, coils, jellies and vasectomies and his missus is boot-ugly. The bone-idle cnut has no excuse.

    As for the kids- what's the demand like for chimney sweeps like these days?
  10. Do it Chinese style, too many kids, over the quota, then into the river with them :(
  11. I'm willing to bet that after the first couple of babies come along you'll see things a wee bit differently.