Tidworth or Paderborn

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Billboard, May 12, 2009.

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  1. im thinking of joining 5 rifles or 1 RRF can anyone tell me what living in Tidworth or Paderborn is like thank you
  2. Tidworth - fat women Tescos on the hill, no social life - Paderborn :) Paderborn tis - oh inless you get homesick and want to see mam
  3. am in bulford a short distance from tidworth and spent 6 years in paderborn. no question go to paderborn. only reason for tidworth may be family ties but remember just cause you go to the rifles doesn't mean you'll get paderborn. We're everywhere...chepstow, ballykinler,edingborough,bulford and paderborn....nothing is guarrenteed!
  4. Lived in both Tidworth & Paderborn , and if theres a choice go paderborn, no doubt about it. But like patchme says the Rifles are everywhere.

    Syn :)
  5. You dont live in Tidworth you survive.
  6. Paderborn....any day of the week! Spent a few years there with 2RGJ. Had a great time.

    You'll be in Alanbrooke Bks, which is a stones throw from the town center, and all the pubs/clubs and slappers. There is also a Schnelli across the road from the gates selling quality Gyros
  7. Don't even thing about it. Paderborn, you are only a short walk to the centre of town from Alanbrooke!
  8. If it is some strange almost but not quite, English variant of an Anglo-Saxon rooted language, with odd vowel sounds, different verb forms and use of the word "bist" instead of "are"...then you are in Tidworth.
  9. Tidworth - the only good thing about the place is the road out of it.


    German Beer
    German food (try the Deutsche haus restaurant)
    German women
    Nice Town
    German women

    ...German beer and women

    No contest really is it?

    :D :D :D :D :D

  10. Thanks for all the inpudefinitely going to get 5 rifles
  11. im meant input
  12. Commanded a platoon in Paderborn in 1976: the troops bithced about being away from home.

    Commanded a company in Bulford in 1990: the troops bitched about being away from Germany.

    Fecking glad we were in Bulford not Tidworth: ther they bitched about being away from the 20th Century . . .

    Join The Army And Travel - Germany has to be better than sodding Hampshire, even before you throw in duty frees, strong beer and ladyboxheads . . . .
  13. Paderborn. I lived there for 3 years, excellent place and loads of pussy.
  14. 5 rifles? Greedy b'stard, I only got one rifle when I was in.
  15. Tidworth = 1 pub, 2 fast food places, 1 surplus shop, 2 car showrooms that sell ridiculously overpriced cars to rip off young squaddies. at least now theres a tesco's to bring abit of civilisation!

    Choose Paderborn!!!!!!!!!!!!

    oh and i forget a strange sex shop above a baby clothes shop, wierd