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Any views on what Broadband/Telephone suppliers are best bet for the Patch in Tidworth? I wanted Sky, but Sky aren't set up in that area.


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NTL do bit their customer service is crap to say the least

Virgin used to cover north tidworth, might still do



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NTL has been taken over by Virgin Media.

To be fair, in Tidworth NTL did have a rep who actually gave out his own mobile no and fixed problems pretty quickly.

I had Virgin Media while I was posted there with a package that included Broadband, phone and TV for about £18 per month. The TV package included loads of channels and catch up TV & movies on demand.
can you get broadband at all units then?
hope we can get it in germany.... making sure ive got call of duty modern warfare 2 to blast out there!
Stick your postcode in here http://allyours.virginmedia.com/

Virgin have a handy bundle builder you can play about with the options and compare the prices HERE.

Don't know what you mean by Sky not setup in that area, TV is by satellite (obviously) and broadband / phone is over a BT line. Try http://packages.sky.com/surf/ if you have the BT number or call their number on that page if you just have the postcode.


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jimlem said:
Hi, Sky do supply internet broadband.
Sky can only offer 'Sky Connect' in Tidworth, not their full Broadband Service.

as an example Sky broadband (Unlimited) is £10 per month. Sky Connect (40Gb) is £17 per month. Something to do with lines in the area that is far too technical for me to understand.
Not sure if you know the address you'll be moving to however I work for Virgin media (I dont get comission or the likes) however I can get you onto this deal that we are currently running at work (would need your detials before 30th Sept) PM me if your interested

you still get 3 of our very best cable services for half price, including V+ HD. The offer rules around whose eligible are slightly different though, so make sure you're clear about what's included by reading on…

What do you get?

Virgin TV

160 digital TV channels including Music Video on Demand
V+ HD box
Plus, an additional set top box for another room
Virgin Broadband

Up to 20Mb fibre optic broadband
Free wireless router (new customers and customers adding broadband)
Backup and store precious files. Print 50 free photos a month.
Virgin Phone

Completely unlimited calls to UK landlines, 24/7.
Plus, Talk International and Talk Mobile for free.
All for just £33.50 a month (usually: £67) when taken with e-billing on a Direct Debit. If your mate wants one of our even bigger bundles, such as VIP, they can take it out at full price and get a £33.50 discount instead!

Who gets it?

New customers, and existing customers adding an RGU (An RGU is a revenue generating unit, such as Broadband, Phone or TV. It doesn't include V+)

Existing customers cannot have left Virgin Media or removed an RGU within 60 days of us receiving their application

Only new customers will receive a free install

Customers adding broadband will receive a free wireless router
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