Tide banking and the prospect of suing them.

They've got 2 separate accounts. Tide and Tidebank. Funnily, a lot of the reviews countering the bad ones are replicated on the other site. Dodgy AS fcuk.

The official replies from Tide look iffy as well. Broken English, and I note references to "GPB" instead of "GBP"


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Iffy doesn't even cover it.
Looking at TrustPilot. Even that's shocking. Quick scan showed the same (business) name coming up twice. Most of the 'excellent' posts ars just a headline posted with a foreign sounding name.

I realise that Trust Pilot really isn't worthy of its name anymore, but it is still wrong.
Ridiculous thing is, they were fantastic until the day they froze our account. Over a year with them, no issues and so convenient. Then this!! 2 Trustiplot accounts - all screen shotted for court proceedings.


Tide offer e-money accounts provided under the license of Pre-Pay Solutions Limited.

Also bank accounts which are provided by ClearBank.

Both are regulated by the FCA.

From another forum what seemed to be triggering Tide and others to freeze accounts earlier this year was Regulatory "guidance" where payments had come in from certain Crypto exchanges or Brokers in certain less than fragrant parts foreign

If that triggered a Bot to raise a Suspicious Activty Report, cannot tell you as that would constitutes Tipping Off.

And the SAR review process can be verrryyy sloooowww