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Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by BONNACON, Mar 27, 2011.

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  1. Picked a few ticks off the dogs today. Anyone got some ideas on tick repellants. We live in an area with lots of deer. hence loads of ticks.
    Frontline doesn't seem to work that well. Got some oil from a game fair a few years ago that was quite good but it's run out and the labels fallen off. BTW they go for me as well.
  2. a light spray with ballistol gun oil always worked for us in germany, here in aus we use a a gun oil too, be careful with frontline and the medication of that ilk on longhaired dogs, they cause in many cases nastyscorf and skin irritations,
  3. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I wouldnt use frontline or any other chemical ever again. It contains OPS organophosphates which although in really small amounts will still build up and cause health problems. I have 13 dogs all spaniels and they all get a check every day for ticks (now the weather is warm) and I use the O' Tom tick remover which the wife sells on - PAWS FOR THOUGHT
    I know dogs dont live long enough to contract too much from the spray but you and your family might!
  4. The dogs I look after don't get ticks or fleas (that I have ever seen). Their owner puts garlic powder in their food every day about half a teaspoon. Apparently ticks and fleas don't like the taste if it as the excret it out though their skin.

  5. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Thats what I recommend for fleas, equine garlic powder, a teaspoon once a week on their food and if it keeps the ticks down then a bonus. I normally start about now doing it and I find once a week is enough as spaniels are affectionate and the garlic is a tad overpowering! A 1 Kilo tub lasts forever!
  6. their owner also adds something for their coats I think its primsrose oil (?) But I could be wrong, keeps them nice and glossy
  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    I have used Camrosa in the past but they dont need it at the momment. I'm sure dogs get scurff as we get nervous excema!
  8. I used to use a lemon on my Spaniel, lightly rubbed on belly and feathers and chest and never had a problem, but being a spaniel - he wasn't still long enough to catch anything I think - daft as a brush but the most loyal dog I have ever had.
  9. If they smell of garlic people will think they are French.
  10. garlic powder is good too but not if tr avelling a long distance with the dog in the car, tends to make my eyes water, as far as frontline and other chemical meds go, I unknowingly spilled some frontline spray in my hunting bag ,over the period of about a week it dissolved the base of the bag, imagine what it does long term to the skin of your dogs
  11. Thanks everyone for your input. Like the idea of the garlic powder apart from the side effects. We have a very long journey coming up in a few weeks so that's a maybe but do fancy trying it. Lemon juice sounds good as well as the two girls arn't that active and don't swim as my old girl did. Gun oil sounds an odd one but as I like the smell it may be preferable to the smell of Frenchies in the back of the car. DaveBOC suggested a hatz collar. Did a google and some bad stories came up on that one. Friend has recommended Calendula oil from Home page: BADA-UK anyone used the stuff all I know is that the stuff I got last year is crap been out this afternoon and I came home with a tick on my arm. Bit small for the tick puller at the moment soon I will be twisting and pulling!