Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by happybonzo, Jun 23, 2012.

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  1. Ticks are vile B things. I usually use an O'Tom tick remover and they're the best thing I've found so far

    This was posted on a Cattle Dog site I use and it's worth a look just in case you haven't got an O'Tom or tweezers handy


  2. Surely this tick question should be in the right box?
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  3. Have you shat the bed?

    I've got an excuse. I'm poorly sick.

    Pipsqueak never had ticks. Probably because the only threat around here is sheeps.
  4. Sorry, I didn't know. It seemed a new way of getting rid of the f***ing things.

    Just seen Ugly's post on Frontline. I always thought that it was supposed to be the best thing to use to prevent Ticks, evidently not
  5. A thread on Ticks in the Social & Events Forum? - May I ask what sort of parties do you attend?
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  6. It ticks all the boxes....
  7. No probs Mate just pointed out that there is some usefull info there.
    We use a coller from Greenhound GmbH Cy´s had it on for round a month now and no Tics.
    I´m sorry that the link is in German but I´ve looked and not found it in English (yet)
  8. He's the sole UK importer of Crisco.
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  9. Maybe the OP was thinking of crabs?
  10. While on exercise in Belize, I woke up one morning to an irritating itch in my bollocks. On lowering my pants, I found a tick attatched to my ballbag, gorging itself on my blood. I got rid of it by twisting it anti-clockwise.

    Back at Airport Camp, we found a tick, and one lad who had been plagued by them stopped us from squashing it so tha the could really make it suffer by burning it with a cigarette.
  11. AAGF


    COs should make this a s'ticky ...