Ticking clock...

Last year i screwed up a bit, I was studying a promising degree at a good university and was a recruit in the TA. I didn't complete basic and left when I jacked in my degree. Looking back i realise i didn't do the right thing. I'm currently studying an HND at college and really enjoying it. The thing is everytime i walk to college I also walk past my local AFCO. Ever since I left I have realised i still have a burning ambition to be a soldier, I really have tried to ignore it but it won't go away. Every time i switch on the news and see TELIC or HERRICK I feel a great deal of self hatred as I realise how stupid I have been. It's been my childhood dream and i can't ignore it any longer.

The last week It's hit a peak, it almost feels like a clock is in my head and my chances of joining up are slipping away. Maybe it's a bit stupid. (I am only 18) I don't want to grow old thinking "I wish i had...." or "I should of...". I have made a real mess of things and would love to make my family proud of me again, and improve my confidence. The misquote (I believe by Kipling?) "Every man thinks meanly of himself for not being a soldier"

Sorry If this seems like waffling crap... I just wanted some opinions. I don't really know what to do. It's driving me nuts!
Whats your HND in?

Finish it, otherwise if you jack it in again you won't have anything to fall back on. Why not join the TA while your studying? Then if you want, transfer into the Regs.
It's an HND in Legal Services.

I want to go back in and be able to prove myself. This time all out effort and no more ******* around. Having worked between quitting college and uni in dead end jobs it made me grip myself and realise the value of the TA.
I love people that come on here, with a name like yours, and an avatar like yours....despite having never served :)
gunnerfalkey said:
smudge67 said:
I love people that come on here, with a name like yours, and an avatar like yours....despite having never served :)

I was in the RA ACF. :D
Sh1t.....really. In that case I apologise unreservedly! ;)
:D :D :D
gunnerfalkey said:
Sorry guys....a bit waltastic.

But still.....

Should I take the plunge?
It's down to you really. You're only 18...plenty of time left. How long before your HND is done?

Edited to add: Legal services?!?! Bin it....sign up.
I have another two years to go. Hey! I like legal services! :x

But sometimes I'd rather be in some greasy cookhouse or getting pissed on from the heavens whilst shouting "Up two three, down two three, about, IN!" etc. :)

Maybe i'm just a freak. My parents would hit the roof if i dropped college for the army!

That's if they would take me back after my mongness. :(
smudge67 said:
Well....at the end of the day it's down to you alone fella
Yes, you're right.

It is just quite a tough call to make. The only real thing holding me back from rejoining the TA is my transport situation, last time it was a nightmare as i live 30 miles from the TAC in the arrse end of nowhere. (Unfortunately i can't yet drive)

But hey, thats a pretty shi**y excuse. :)

I might give it a few days, see if i can think a bit more rationally.
Mate, you're 18 and you don't know what the fcuk you want. Mind you, the first generally implies the second so don't think you are unique or marked for life as a result.

I'm assuming you want useful advice so you need to know that your problem right now is convincing future employers that you can stick to something. Go to the Army now and they'll see someone who's binned Uni, binned the TA, wants to bin the HND ... not quite the background necessary to convince them you'll stick with the Army.

So, step 1 is sit down and think very hard. Don't so what your parents want, don't do what your gf/bf wants - work out what you want.

Step 2, make a plan and go for it. If you want the HND then do it, join the TA locally and go for the regs once you're done. If you don't then jack it in, get any old bone job to pay the bills and trot off the to AFCO ready to point out that you've been an admin vortex because you didn't know what you wanted from life and now you do.

Selection and Maintenance of the Aim. Remember that. Oh, and good luck.
Finish the degree, Try get back in the TA, althought since you jacked it you might be black listed (cant ever join any forces) and then if you can get in get on tour soon as you can (barring you finished your degree) and transfer to regs
At 18yrs old I'd hardly say you were a 'ticking clock'!! That said, I always wanted to join the army when I was younger but left school and went to college because it seemed the right thing to do. I then fell into a job to earn money and before I knew it 10 years had whizzed by. I'd always watch the action on the news and see the adverts for the army and it always made me feel like I had missed my chance as I had a house and a girl etc and the time never seemed right. I'm now 30yrs old and single with no house or any other ties so I've got the application form for the army (at last). I've spent all my life saying that my biggest regret was not joining the army. If you don''t do it now then in the years to come you'll have commitments and ties etc and the years will fly by and every so often you'll think "Wish I joined the army when I had the chance". Like me.
On the other hand, there's nothing stopping you joining when you're older. I was concerned that I would be the oldest person in the army EVER! But looking around these boards there's plenty of new applicants in thier late 20s but will you have the chance??

gunnerfalkey said:
Sorry guys....a bit waltastic.

But still.....

Should I take the plunge?
Go for it! Just imagine when you're 80 years old, sitting in the old folks' home and dribbling into your bib. You'll be doing the "foney" number.

Foney I'd done this, foney I'd done that.

Even if you fail, you'll still have tried. :D :D :D


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