Tickets to the Corps Bar at Army v Navy

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by primroseandblue, Mar 23, 2005.

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  1. Can anyone tell me where I may get hold of a couple of tickets to the Corps bar this year at Twickers?

    Thanks, P&B.
  2. In order to get a ticket for the Corps Bar you have to buy the ticket for the game from the R SIGNALS RUFC Secretary. The cost is £20 per ticket (including bar ticket). You might want to speak to the Admin office at 243 Sig Sqn (Wilton) as I think that 243 are distributing the tickets this year.
  3. Thankyou BM
  4. check pm for all details
  5. Any chance of forwarding that to me as well. I'm having a mare getting some.
  6. What a top day out! 8)

    As a totally biased member of the Army, I think that the Navy are in for another pounding this year!

    How bloody good is it to see Twickenham swamped (sometimes literally..... 8O ) with squaddies and matelots all ripping the piss out of each other! :lol: And the corps does a nice beer tent too! (for a change!) Looking forward to seeing loads of quality blokes and blokettes and having a beer and catching up with old friends! Triffic!
  7. Good day out and a good piss up too, bu thought the beer tent last year was ****. Hopefully this year we'll get a better venue, with more easy drinking.

    I'll see you there!

  8. no, back in the tent
  9. Same place?!??!!!? - ARRRRRRSSSSSEEEEEE!!!! did not enjoy!!!!!

  10. Why not there is beer and its easy to get any mates who havent got tickets in if you want
  11. OK, I'm not a particular egg chaser but it was shitty last year; anyone boxed in.

    Albiet, I take your point, it does serve as a cracking reunion :p

  12. bit of a psis up

    cant wait

    last one to the tent isnt gonna get a drink

    unless you smuggle in a bottle of vodka in a mineral water bottle! :D
  13. Ah stop ya whinging it's twickers there's bars everywhere.

    I'll be there and i'll be in mens clothes this year.
  14. WTF Bull? Are you some kind of puff, get the birds kit on like us real men. Personally, I had to aquire my tickets from the RN RFU so I will be surrounded by fish heads. I got many beer cans thrown at me last time I sat in their bit. Sore losers
  15. Well what can i say P&B the attention I recieved off the opposition fans has warped me for life. I got my tickets of the navy last year and it was a harrowing experience but i did get to use the fine put down of Ha ha you've just been laughed at by a fat man in a dress!!!!