Tickets on sale shortly for Gulf War III?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by sunoficarus, Feb 1, 2011.

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  1. What are we going to hit them with, we have no aircraft carriers with aircraft on them, we have no surveillance aircraft and our ground forces are stretched and they have to lose people as well. So unless Johnny Foreigner pitches up at Dover we are screwed.
  2. Unfortunately I would have to say that if they turned up at Dover we would definitely be screwed!
  3. We have some nukes that we arent doing anything with, that'll cost us a fortune to decommision. If Iran are going to end up with nukes anyway and we arent going to do anything to stop them why not sell them the ones we dont want? If a couple were to 'accidently' go off once they arrived it'd be down to them misshandling them and we can keep the cash.

    Yes I'm talking out of my hoop but its a slow day at work and my tin foil hat is at home.
  4. Could we not reform the Home Guard?
    I'm sure we could rustle up enough "old timers" from this forum to form a Platoon or two. We could meet them on the beach, make them cup's of tea and egg banjo's and bore them to death with stories of how it ain't like it used to be. :eek:/
    I'll come. :eek:)
  5. Or you know we could give them away. I mean...if we're going to decommision them anyway it would be a shame not to use a few on Tehran or somewhere....sure a few liberals might say just leveling the place was an over reaction but hey.

    (I am joking, honest)
  6. Quite easy to mis-handle them when they arrive at terminal velocity I suppose
  7. I will turn up to just as long as no one calls me Pike.

    The advanced echelon of the "Defeat Jonny Foreigner with Boredom Strategy" should be a few old and bold telling them about all the old regiments that have been scrapped quickly followed by demonstrations of rifle drill with the good old SLR, using broom handles of course as we have given all the SRLs away. I hope we didn't give them to the Iranians or they could counter attack with a practical demonstration and bypass our first line of defence when we all get misty eyed and mumble about it being dusty in Dover.
  8. I'm in, can I bring my dog along as a sort of mascot? I do have some long handled garden impliments which can look menacing, a half filled first aid kit and some old pro boots. However I have to be in by 9pm as the missus will get worried if I'm out after dark, would this be a problem to the formation of our elite cadre of finely homed killers? Also I want to wear a cape...
  9. I can do tuesday nights and some weekends, say 2 out of 4 will that be ok ?
  10. Nice.That could catch on you know.Some part time types doing Army things with better kit than the regulars.Why don't you run it up the flag pole and see who salutes,so to speak?
  11. Why Gulf War III, I thought the chosen venue was to be West Yorkshire?
  12. Just in case the shit hits the fan in the Eastern Med and the call comes for a round up of the recently retired or medically discharged, I'm now stocking a great line in Military Mobility and Deployment Aids.


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  13. Two please. Must be able to support "Fat Bastard". And I'm only in if there is a pub.