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Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by pensionpointer, Nov 11, 2011.

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  1. Anyone else find Tickets For troops a bit er... useless?

    I can never find anything on there that is close enough to get to, most are mid week and if I do enter a ballot nothing ever comes of it.

    In addition, when I contact organisations asking whether they do forces discounts they often reply that they don't because they donate tickets to TfT.

    Feel free to give me a good verbal kicking if you think TfT outshines sliced bread but I find them a pile of proverbial.


  2. Recently it seems all tickets are sold out for most things even those a few months ahead.
  3. Sorry did you write something,i was rather distracted by the little minx at the bottom !
    I enede up in Cardiff for the rugby league thanks to TfT,so no complaints there.
  4. Actually I've done rather well by the website. Tickets for 2 to see my local championship side. Saw a game 2 weeks back and have tickets for another next weekend. Though last time I went on they did seem to be sold out of most things. Cheap Xmas gifts anyone??
  5. I had a great Tickets 4 Troops result this weekend: 2 tickets for Wales vs Scotland and an excellent lunch at the Park Plaza Hotel Cardiff. All courtesy of a bloke called Andrew Gidden of Red Lion Foods. His company puts all their profit into Service charities. Which was nearly £800k last year. He was a genuinely nice chap, we got to meet Gavin Hastings, Alan Bateman and Paul Thorburn as well. The tickets were £72 facd value and were really good sears and lunch would have been at least £30. A top day out.
    Forgot to add that Mr Gidden had treated 40 of us to this great afternoon.
  6. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    I've done very well with them.

    Ideal Home Show (for the wife of course)
    Comedy show
    Chelsea tickets for two separate matches
    War Horse premier tickets

    Checking the site regularly and being in London helps.
  7. Seems most of the free stuff is in or around the Capital, I've never had owt from them but a few mates have. The main reason I don't bother is I keep forgetting my password and trying to decipher that Capture thing is nigh on impossible on anything bar a 22 in desktop monitor.
  8. I too got tickets for that game and although not the best result for Scotland, it was a great afternoon. Pre game lunch was great and the after game buffet was very nice also. My wife and I were glad we made the trip down from Birmingham to watch this, all thanks to the guys at TfT.

    I have also in the past been to see:

    An MMA fight night
    A Panto
    Aloe Blacc
    The Saturdays
    Comedy Nights
    A Premiership game (with a friend)
    Numerous championship games

    We have had to travel to most of the places, the furthest being Cardiff but it is well worth the travel.