Tickets for Troops

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Daxx, Nov 3, 2009.

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  1. Good find Daxx.

    Maybe post in the charities thread as well?
  2. A big bump and another link if the conservative element is not to your taste Tickets For Troops

    Having been on the site they have all sorts of great tickets available (Chelsea football, West End Shows, James Morrison in concert, Queens tennis next year etc etc) and they will only cost you £1 per ticket.

    This is a great deal but due to its links with the Tories I suspect it will not come down the chain of command - pass it on, it is a great opportunity to miss out on.
  3. Bumping as I noticed that the next 3 rugby international matches at Twickenham have been added - England v Australia/Argentina/NZ.
  4. Seems like a good idea, but...

    I note that there Privacy Policy states that they may share your personal information with other parties.

    They also state that submitting the information gives them permission to validate the information provided.

    Wonder who they are going to share my information with, and who they will validate my service number with (should I decide to register...).
  5. My advice would be to put your Unit address, not your home.

    Well done, SigDev_Duck you've been listening to your Information Security lectures. :D
  6. Why does it say?
    "Service Number (if known)"

    As if you would forget it
  7. More PERS SEC, really... :wink:
  8. From another angle & not new but was'nt RFC the first High profile football team this year to donate such a high number of tickets to Soldiers

    A superb idea all the same & much support is needed from all to ensure this carries on, it'll be interesting how many will contribute to the Tories systen condsidering the economic climate were currently in.