Tickets for Troops - England v Hungary

Entered the ballot for this, and was lucky enough to get two tickets!

Fantastic night at Wembley, crowd of 73,000 - 1,000 of which were servicemen and women that had been given free tickets by Tickets for Troops. Free soft drinks all night, and we were right next to the tunnels. I'm told some in their dessies even managed to get into the VIP lounge - good drills!

Everyone was in rig, mainly green, but also a good number of the senior service in their 1's, and even a lone crab! Well done to the lads and lasses that paraded the flags around the pitch too.

Only disappointment were the couple of CCF teachers that must have blagged their way to joining the Tickets for Troops site. I hoped they enjoyed preventing those the tickets were intended for from attending.

Join and bid fellas: Tickets for Troops - Welcome

Donation on its way!
So, was nobody else there?

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