Dear ModBods,

I there any way that damned Modoracle news ticker can be amended so that us users can switch it off if we want? It's driving me NUTTTTTS.

Whether just browsing or posting posts, it is there, right on the edge of whatever I'm writing or reading, excitedly streaming away and demanding I look at it. So I do, to learn that the Bolivian army has changed the design of it's mess tins or that a Bedford TM has had a puncture on the M6.

If I wanted the news as provided by Modoracle, I'd.... well, I'd visit Modoracle. To have it jumping around in front of me all the time just makes me hate the bloody thing.

Thanks ever so for listening.
Unfortunately the site needs every penny it can get at the moment, and MOD Oracle are one of the bigger penny providers. No-one can accuse us of flooding the site with advertising compared with the majority of forums so I would ask you to bear with that very small irritation. For example compare it with the irritation that regular newsletters would cause - staple advertising for most sites and never done here.

I must admit it doesn't bother me in the least, but that's just a personal view.


Book Reviewer
I can't say it's bothered me. A big benefit for such a small inconvenience.

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