Tick and a whinge!


Can anyone clarify a poser for me?(and I don't mean a gymn queen a flexin' his pecks neither).
I was on a course,at the end of which I was due to go on me hols,so I got me a bucket,a spade,the factor 50,a knotted hankie,and rolled up my trousers in preperation.
But oh no!
There was a problem on the course and it over ran by a week!!!
And lo I was mightly low of morale,it came to pass that I gnashed my teeth and scratched my arse.
And so with a sad heart I pottered over to the dog and kefuddled with the insurance to get my readies back for my hols,the geezer only went and said,"you're havin' a bobble if you think you're havin' that back".
So I comes back to the jamrole with,"You're takin' a right liberty,if you think for one second that you're giving me your wifes best friend,as I bend over for you.....you'd better start facing Mecca and banging 'em out,for chummy...your days are numbered".
"No",he says...."its down to your employer,they caused you to miss your,holiday,and so they are in fact de facto the responsible party in this case,i.e. they are the ones who caused this malady,and so they are obliged to fix it".
HMG in it infinite wisdom,did decree,that even though they were responsible,this was in fact a case of,"Tough titties",and that I,"should p*ss off and wind me neck in'.
Well to be fair they didn't say that....but that's what they meant I could tell.
I'm toying with the idea of a suing,any help or suggestions. :-[


We had similar probs here, due to OP Tesco.  Blokes & Lasses booked hols etc.  we were then spammed for the Op, causing hols to be missed etc. Our RAO kindly dished the readies, no dramas.  P'raps a CO's / OC's interview would 'ease the way' for your reimbursement of said readies?
Providing of course you had a signed & authorised leave pass.....


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Because you weren't deployed for operational reasons  your insurance company is quite correct that it doesn't need to pay up.

If you had already submitted a leave app, MOD should pay up for the cost of your holiday if they changed the dates after you had paid for the holiday. They should also pay for dependents but not girlfriends or others who might cancel because you were no longer going.

I'm don't know where all the above info can be found (presumably in some JSP) but I am pretty sure it is there because I had to go through the process when I was deployed on Op Peninsular with about 8 hours notice and ended up having to cancel a skiing holiday (luckily I was able to claim for that one on the insurance as it was 'operational').


OK DS Answer - When booking your holiday in the first place you are supposed to ensure that the insurance cover you get will cover all (or most) eventualities that could come to pass.

Obviously, no matter what insurance cover you get it will not cover absolutely everything, so what you have to do now is gather all the evidence (receipts, course joining instructions etc), take them to the RAO or FSA  who SHOULD staff your case up through the chain of command (Bde then Div).

If you are genuinely not at fault then you should get something back.  Be warned though - it takes bloody ages to get a result!  (Two I sent off 7 months ago came back last week - thankfully successful!)

Hope this helps.

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