TI Sight on SA80

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Solon_of_Athens, Mar 22, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone used the 'new' TI Sight in the SA80? I've just seen one (off the rifle) and was quite impressed by it... admittedly I am easily impressed by new kit.

    I was wondering if it had a realistic mission performance (eg battery life, day/night change difficulties etc.,). Has it been issued because its shiny or because it is useful?
  2. Hi,
    It's called a Viper sight, its the mutt's nuts and it eats batteries like you wouldn't believe. However it takes AA for the main sight and AAA for the lazer. So three cheers for the QM who dishes them out for free!!!

    It obviously performs best at night and that is all the guys are using it for.

    Cheers :thumleft:
  3. Has anyone got any pics of this sight?
  4. Saw another demo'd as well on an M4 that looked cracking too. I asked the guy about whether he'd run it for a Brit contract and he laughed at me and said he was from an American company and hence wouldn't be able to get a look in as he wasn't a subsidiary of that very British company that we buy most of our kit from.

    Shame, it looked like a bit of kit with great potential and was lighter and smaller than viper.
  5. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    Hughes-Leitz (ELCAN), now owned by Raytheon, have had a couple of very handy uncooled IR wpn scopes on the market for some time. The SpecterIR and SpecterIR Plus are top toys.

    Take a gander at the specs on those links, and look at the demo video - it's a bit 'Yee-Hah' for my taste but a good comparison of night vision aids for those of you like 'britishairborne' that haven't used them.
  6. The spams use the AN/PAS-13 built by Raytheon (and lots of them). It's significantly bigger and heavier than the UK's LWTI sight.

  7. Yes, I've seen them - they are massive, and in my opinion, not a 'combat' sight - more suited to OP work or other static tasks: patrolling with this thing would do your wrists no good.
  8. Thanks...

    ... laser? What for? Are II still scaled at a level where you would be able to pass a target off to someone else?
  9. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    And the IWS was...?
  10. It's so you can use your HMNVS, its an IR lazer. Almost every man has an HMNVS and an LLM, so target indication whilst observing with TI is a bonus

  11. Sorry, I'll be clearer. The IWS was difficult and ruined the balance of the weapon, yes. But the Raytheon sights are even bigger although not as heavy in proportion to the size. Why go for a big TI sight (Specter) when you can have a small TI sight (VIPR), is what I mean.
  12. Tomo,

    Thanks... much clearer!
  13. Cutaway

    Cutaway LE Reviewer

    I think you may be thinking of the CWS, the IWS was the FOGB intensifier use on the SLR amongst other wpns.
    While Elcan is now owned by Raytheon, did you mean the Specter sights, the US produced Raytheon AN/PAS LTWS or the W1000 series ?
    The former are smaller & lighter than the IWS ever was.

    However, if you ever find a TI sght around the size & weight of an ACOG, I'm first in line :D