Thunderbirds Are Go!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PartTimePongo, Jan 28, 2004.

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  1. Also in for nomination for the worst travesty portrayed in film is the new battle of britain movie with tom 'I'm not short' cruise as an american voulanteer pilot who leads all the poor lonely brits to certain victory!
    (the real life man the character is based on died[unfortunately] on his third sortie with no kills)

    This proves the american dream: not anyone can make it, but

    Next it will be jonny depp setting sail from dover to discover austrailia and america on his saturday morning boating trip around the bay! 8O
  2. Only 8 American pilots took part in the Battle of Britain, and one of them was killed. There were actually more Irish pilots in the battle than American.
  3. Fair play to all the Spams who pretended to be Canadians in the Battle of Britain and who were later lumped together in the Eagle Squadron (read Tumult in the Clouds by James A Goodson), but here's another instance of Hollywood rewriting history to suit them.
    Europeans are increasingly portrayed as the bad guys (Die Hard etc) while plucky Yanks save the world.
    In the book of the Blackhawk Down incident, the Rangers had several Friendly Fire incidents with the Delta operators, but the film version by Ridley Scott made no mention of this.
    Is it any wonder that young Americans have no grasp of history when the movies regularly misrepresent the truth in so blatant a manner? And is it any wonder that the descendants of those who did the real fighting have such a problem with it?
    George III - Best King they ever had...
  4. agreed. there was a film i think called U571 where the yanks discovered the enigma machine and single handedly saved the free world (again :roll: ) even tho they were late for the war as usual.
    we actually get the enigma machine shortly before the war broke out but it took us a while to figure it out
  5. Re 'Black Hawk Down', one or two of the leading characters are played by British actors. I don't know what that says about the casting of 'heroes' in these things; I haven't seen 'Master and Commander' yet (my favourite novel in my favourite canon) but the thought of an Aussie playing Jack Aubrey - and of a lanky, good-looking streak of p playing Maturin - really does put me off the idea.

    But for real rewriting of history according to the opinion of the directors, the film of 'Bloody Sunday' which has largely been accepted by US audiences as historically accurate, probably because they used hand-held cameras a la 'Blair Witch Project' for the action sequences, takes the Gold Medal.

    Good thing Lord of the Rings wasn't real history, I suppose. Or was it..............?
  6. Sadder yet that the majority of my fellow countrymen, base their education on what they see on TV 8O

    guess it's easier to see it on the tellie and think it's fact then to go out and research it.
  7. the UK film release had a caveat strapped on to the end of the movie stating the real facts and naming the two RN blokes who died during the machines capture.
    Naturally, the US film release omitted this as it prtrasyed the plucky Brits in rather a different light - ie not really needing rescuing just yet ta v much...
  8. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    If you want to wind up a spam about historical fact, just remind him that more Brits fought and died at the Alamo than Texans - oh, and Davy Crockett begged for his life (unsuccessfully).
  9. napier

    napier LE Moderator Reviewer

    If you want to wind up a spam about historical fact, just remind him that more Brits fought and died at the Alamo than Texans - oh, and Davy Crockett begged for his life (unsuccessfully).
  10. And if you really want to tick them off, tell them that the American War of Independance was technically a civil war, as they were British at the time.
  11. Heard you the first time, you don't need to repeat yourself.

    Actually, if you want to wind up a TEXAN, then you can say that. Personally, couldn't care fecking less.
  12. The US release did include the caveat at the end. And we've been over this before. Try and come up with something else to bitch about.

    I tell you, if you guys spent less time pointing fingers at the US, you might actually be able to elect a politician that was worth a shite.
  13. That coming from a spam means.... **** all, actually. :lol:
  14. That's a different story altogether.