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Thunder Fork. My first taser. Expert opinions on its effectiveness?

I just recalled an early electrical experiment when I must have been 13.

I cut a long piece of electrical flex off something we (I) didn't need and wrapped the live and the neutral wires around the base of a six-inch nail each. I then set these in a whole packet of blutack wrapped around the end of a broom handle, with tape on top - producing a giant thunder-fork.

It was a two-cable piece of flex, so there was no earth.

I turned it on. As the circuit was incomplete, nothing happened initially. I was rather hoping for some blue sparks. I pressed a guitar string and it began to glow then exploded into sparks - tripping the circuitbreaker.

I did this a couple more times, but then my best friend's dad found out and told my mum - who promptly removed it.

What would the likely effect of prodding someone with the Thunder Fork have been?
Can I have a Taser for Christmas? That would be ace. I wouldn't hurt anyone in the shops with it or anything.

Princess Dale is in the "Less than 10 items" queue in Tescos Catterick, calmly biding her time with her Healthy Options meals and 3 bottles of wine, and looks at the basket of scruffy uniformed oik with no beret on in front of her and manages to count to 11 items in there without taking her shoes and socks off.


Can I? Can I??
They had PLENTY in Thailand. Lots of shooting sparks and all sorts - I should have mailed one back home to me!

I did once buy Pepper spray off the American eBay website. It tooks weeks to arrive (surface mail) but was awful, awful stuff - far worse than I expected. It just gets everywhere. The worst was when I had touched it in the morning, then had a wank in the evening (after multiple handwashing) and lay in bed clutching my poor, burning penis afterwards.

So check the American eBay for a taser. There used to be plenty.
So it would be 240v and 13 amps, is that correct? What would that do, kill or maim?
The current flow will depend on the electrical resistance/resistivity of the material completing the circuit. Little resistance = lots of current (Amps).
I've had numerous "belts" of 240v mains in my time and suffered nothing more than momentary discomfort.
Would the six-inch nails not allow a great pathway of low resistance?

I do reiterate this was an experiment aged 13, which makes me chuckle now for how, well, silly it was. I am quite interested in what would have happened if I'd used it though.

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