Thunder Boxes & Fans that went "Wump-Wump" all night long.

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by shagnasty, Jul 14, 2012.

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  1. Barracks in hot climates. Thunder Boxes stinking & Fans that went "Wump-Wump" all night long. Geckos on the wall and bugs.A Tiger beer or two at the local hooch then a cheese and onion sandwich from Abdul before bedtime. Sweating all night long and lying under a mossie net. Young soldiers of 18 to 20 and damn all sense. Ahhh! Those were the days my friend. Fifty years ago!!!
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  2. You had fans, shit we didn't even have electricity.
  3. Singapore in 63, one word for it "HOT"
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  4. Listen to you all! "I had it so bad, blah blah blah". Whenever I went for a banging sh!t I was freezing. The aircon dials in these new 21st century Porta-Loo's aren't easy to navigate I'll let you know. I snapped off many a turdicle before being forced to exit and patrol the mean streets of Bastion!
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  5. Should have done 69 even "HOTTER"
  6. Did you get awarded a gong for that ?:)
  7. Streets in bastion, that's progession.
  8. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    War is hell son and thats a fact.
  9. Swing fog to kill off the bugs (and impregnate squaddies lungs with aerosol DDT) - Belize '82.
  10. Singers in 63 was heaven!! gillman barracks cold beer , swimming pool running hot and cold nurses and for the sappers the occasional police dog from ulu pandan!! now the communal thunderbox on crown that was hardship (chuckles)
  11. Counting the trails of runny shit as you go to the thunderbox on a morning, in the Kenyan bush of Isiolo, to see how many more blokes have gone down with the squits, then sitting in the stink watching the maggots chew through the offerings.
  12. The SwingFog guys always seem to come round just as I was dozing before hitting the bar for a coconut rum and pineapple juice. Jack bastards! That stuff smelled worse than the open storm drains that and the smell of the Coca Cola Factory
  13. False hips smell? Interesing!
  14. A liberal application DDT powder on the nuts got rid of crabs.
  15. Don't forget the diesel used to atomise it. It was a good wake up call though at 6 every morning