Thunder Bangs

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Boxy, May 7, 2007.

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  1. What ever happened to the thundeflash?
    I have used the new, shorter, style one, but not for a long time.
    Does anyone know of a reason why we don't get to use them anymore?, esp when you can get them frompaintball type suppliers.
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    ...and therein you answered your own question...
  3. The rationale for issue of the current one is presumably their compactness, compared to the old style. Less bulk to carry in pockets, pouches etc. Weight isn't a consideration.

    It may be my imagination, but I fancy the old style made a more satisfactory bang (and a bigger night-time flash).

    Confined inside an old-style milk-churn or wooden ammo box, results could be rather spectacular . . . . .

  4. Also fired the old tin helmet about 40ft into the air,on the same subject are schermuleys still used?
  5. Sorry, I don't think I phrased the question correctly, whatever happened to the thunderflash?, I do remember a directive came out about having to wear the issue Green/Black gloves to light the new ones for some safety reason, but we've not actually had any to use for quite a while now.
  6. Why none for use for a while?

    Think this might have some bearing?
  7. Yes they are! Bloody good fun!

  8. Glad some things have been left alone
  9. hate shmooleys. nearly got sideswiped by one on night ex when the fire support managed to launch one horizontally about 6 feet in front of me as i was fighting through. that got a few naughty words over the net.

    wasnt impressed.
  10. The Schermuly has changed a wee bit in design, but it is still effective in the direct fire role.

    Mini flares are good for playing pinball with, ie fire horizontaly into wooded areas, watch them run!
  11. Health and safety fears I think ,get plenty of chorleys though.Can we please paint the things luminous so we can find them.Guess schermuleys are still availble .Though modifying them or fireing them horizontal is a big no no .I know they used to say you couldn't do it but its taken very seriously now .Not even supposed to throw chorleys into occupied rooms
    and so should wear ear defs when firing blanks .
  12. Gloves??!!?? :? 8O

    Deary-me! How did my generation survive? With full complements of hands, fingers, eyes etc. too?

    Slightly dodgy hearing, I grant you, but still . . . . . 8)

    And Schermulys were fine crack, indeed . . . . :roll: :wink:
  13. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Unfortunately several soldiers are missing the full complement after the introduction of the L28 (?) thunderflash, hence they have been withdrawn. You could get the electronically detonated version, but even they have not been seen for a while.
  14. The Thunderflash was withdrawn many years ago, mainly because it was associated with over 70% of all ammo accidents. It was never a grenade simulator, it was supposed to be used as an artillery/mortar simulator.
    What was also common, was for it to be used a diver recall signal instead of the MUCH smaller Naval item, resulting in divers being depth charged.

    Its replacement the Battle Noise Simulator L28 was less powerful but had two design problems:

    1. The fuze composition was too energetic and would burn the users hand when lit, unless gloves were worn. A redesign doubled its length to incorporate a handle but this led to:

    2. The glue that held the end plug in did not hold and either the whole thing went propulsive or shot the user with the end plug.

    The L28 was withdrawn from service. This left the L29 (the electric version), but it started to develop the same problem as the L28 with the end plug. As a result the safety distance was increased from 10 m to 16 m, in order to keep something still in service.

    A new replacement has just come into service last week, so I expect the number of accident investigations to rise proportionally.
  15. FlyingFelix I can well believe the accident rate with thunderflashes,the old stlye one IIRC had a long fuse which you started with a short file which you dragged across it and that seemed pretty safe to me,I wonder why it was changed?