Thugs attack Birmingham Army Cadets

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by The_Dajal, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. This story appeared in The Birmingham Mail on the 31st of March.

    Birmingham Mail
  2. Links dead
  3. Not from where I'm clicking it isn't
  4. H'mm.

    Presuming that you don't work for the Daily Mail, I'd just like to point out that this sort of crap has always happened for one reason or another.

    These 'asian looking' kids are just acting like many 'white looking' kids do, really.

    Suppose I should grumble about 'them not wanting inclusion' and decrying this attack as 'another example of namby-pamby Liarbore liberalism'. String 'em up, I say.

    Regarding the pic: someone tell the sprog not to cross his arms as he'll grow square t1ts.
  5. I will wager one whole pound that Chocolate_Frog will be on this thread in no time at all lamenting that these stones should be thrown at regular/TA soldiers,as the OTC/ACF are a waste of money ;)

    edeted 4 spelin.
  6. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Link is working now.

    3 solutions spring to mind.

    1. Plod could do their job and keep the peace.

    2. The ACF could bus the kids.

    3. The RFCA/ACF could go on a charm offensive at the local mosque and they could do a bit of recruiting to the cadets while they are there.

    I would have added that we should name and shame the community responsible - but that is not going to happen as a society we are too scared and anyway I'm not sure a community that condones the 9/11 and 21/7 etc would have no shame over attacking children.
  7. Shouldn't a 20 year old lad be doing something better with his life? :wink:
  8. Actually I wasn´t going to until I saw your post.

    And I wouldn´t lament stones not being thrown at anyone. c0ck ;)

    And I don´t think I´ve ever said that the ACF is a waste of money. I think they are a good organisation, although at times they seem to be given to big a chunk of money, esp for kit I belive is too expesive for their needs. After all teh Scouts, Boys Brigade, Youth Clubs, Girl Guides all manage perfectly well on a charity basis.

    The OTC on the other hand. I still refuse to believe they should be paid for essentialy padding out their CV, whilst most of whom had no intention of joining up.

    For the problem in question, however, how about a bit of shock and awe? Next drill night, 200 bobbies in full rig hide in the ACF hut. Come the attack on Drill night the bobbise go out and arrest them all on various charges, breach of the piece, race hate all that kind of good stuff.
  9. Waah :D
  10. I remember when I was an air cadet this sort of thuggish behaviour happening to us, but it was more a case of kids being bored, which this is too, but with a bit of racism/religious intolerance to fire it up a bit.

    We once had a petrol bomb thrown at our hut. The AIs put out the flames with a CO2 extiguisher.

    The CO then ordered the Thomson chest opened and had the .22 rifles and ammo taken out and he stood several of his senior cadets and staff in a line outside the hut and handed out the ammo and rifles. He then told the crowd, who were readying another petrol bomb that whoever made to throw it would be shot.

    We got as far as the order 'load' before they ran off and dropped the petrol bomb unlit.

    When Plod turned up and found out what we had done, they said 'Brilliant. Well done. Shame you didnt shoot the bast ards etc;'

    We never had any trouble ever again.

    I often wonder what would happen today, if we took the reasonable stance of armed response in the face of a petrol bomb attack. We would get nicked and end up in prison no doubt, even though our action are technically entirely legal and within reasonable force
  11. Somehow the above smells a bit to me!
  12. Clearly the curriculum should be broadened to include arrest ops. Assault is an indictable offence and thus Sgt Mazella is entitled to perform a citizens arrest.
  13. I know the cadet unit and the instructors and they have managed to do a sterling job so far in keeping the unit going.
    The attacks are more or less kids being bored but they are pulling the race/religion card to the extreme.
    The problems have been getting progressively worse for a period of time now.
    Its a shame really as the cadets there are a good bunch of kids that are trying to do something other than feck about on the streets.
    However the instructors arent going to stay there forever if their cars are getting targetted on a regular basis.
  14. Sniff sniff.... 8O
  15. I used to be a member of the ATC here in Kairdiff. In a suburb of Whitchurch/Llandaf (or Landuff as the locals go). Whether it be a Tuesday or Thursday evening, it wouldn't be uncommon to have some chav yobs throwing cretinous stones at our 'hut'. Funny thing is the BBC studios were only over the bridge and the ATC 'camp' was located on a TA base.

    Shame we couldn't have raided the weapons locker and sprung a couple of bullets on those shits :D

    ...especiall if it would've been caught in time for the evening news :twisted: