Thuggery or a genuine attempt to enforce mess rules and etiquette?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by crimsonhussar, Oct 19, 2011.

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  1. Be more to it than that. Probably a jack cunt.
  2. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Jawbone knocked THROUGH the back of his head? I don't bloody think so.
  3. 'Worse than Taliban'? So they're not worse than Hitler?
  4. Whatever the circumstances there's no excuse for the resulting damage. Muppets.
  5. What goes on in the Mess, should stay in the Mess.
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  6. Taliban is the new Hitler keep up, like Blue is the new black or some shit.
  7. He'd look like Kurt cobain if it was.
  8. He'd have trouble talking to the press if it was...
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  9. When it moves to the infirmary it's not in the mess. But we now know how to get a prosecution dropped, contradict each other.
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  10. Like I said more to it than that...
  11. White trainers in the mess? Ooof.

    I agree though Mr Rutar, got to be something more, and no I don't know him, and no I am not the fat bird in the photo.
  12. Pack mentality, deficient personalities, add alcohol= bunch of fucking cunts

    If the guy is a cunt of some kind, deal with it via the organisation.

    Multiple blokes banging up one bloke is cowardice, no matter who the fuck you are or he is.

    If this was a bunch of feral street cunts filling in a squaddie story it would be met with
    outrage......its in the mess so is met by shoulder shrugs and alternate reasons why he may have deserved it and "what goes on in the mess stays in the mess" attitude

    Its what sucks big dogs cocks with the forces.
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  13. I can confirm it is true. I served with these fuckers in 'nam. hard as nails the pair of 'em.

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  14. Sorry, but that statement is wrong in so many ways. Wrong in law: GBH. Wrong in morality: three on one. Wrong in that these are (still to my surprise but not for much longer I suspect) WO/SNCO who are supposed to help steer the unit and to lead soldiers. Wrong. wrong, flaming wrong.
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