Thug jailed for fatal cowardly attack on soldier.

A man has been jailed for killing a soldier from Pembrokeshire in a "cowardly and unprovoked attack" outside a Newcastle nightclub.

Michael Ridley assaulted Staff Sgt Chris Chacksfield, 31, outside Babylon 90 in Newgate Street on 31 May.

The 22-year-old, from Newcastle, was jailed for five years after admitting manslaughter and grievous bodily harm.

Adele, the 32-year-old wife of Staff Sgt Chacksfiel, from Haverfordwest, was also injured in the incident.

Newcastle Crown Court had earlier heard the soldier was staying at Albermarle Barracks in Northumberland at the time of the attack. He had been allowed a night off to spend time with his wife.

Sgt Chris Chacksfield's widow Adele described her late husband as a "gentle giant" who was passionate about life
Staff Sgt Chacksfield, a father-of-one, was taken to hospital after the attack, but died from head injuries three days later.

His wife was released after treatment.

Police said the soldier of the 14th Signal Regiment (Electronic Warfare), who was with colleagues at the time of the incident, had not been in uniform at the time and was not believed to have been targeted because of his occupation.

After sentencing, Det Ch Insp Steve Binks, of Northumbria Police, said: "Chris Chacksfield died following a cowardly and unprovoked attack by a stranger.

"Ridley's actions on that night have devastated a family, robbed a little girl of her father and taken away a distinguished military career. It's a tragic and senseless waste.

"Nothing can make up for Chris's death, but I hope the outcome of this investigation will give some sense of closure to his family and help them to start to move on with their lives.

"I would like to pay tribute to Adele Chacksfield, who, despite also being injured in this incident, has shown great courage and dignity throughout the investigation and judicial process."

The court was told Staff Sgt Chacksfield met his wife, who is a British Army nurse, while on active service.

The prosecution said amateur boxer Ridley, of Sceptre Place, Newcastle, landed a ferocious punch on the soldier after they apparently bumped into each other.

Some witnesses said a single blow felled the couple, who had been walking arm-in-arm through the city centre.

The soldier's widow Adele described him as a "gentle giant" who cared deeply for his family.

She said she could not remember anything about Ridley's attack, but added that prison was "the best place for him".

Judge Esmond Faulks told Ridley: "This was a dreadful tragedy brought about by your behaviour."

After he was arrested, police found testosterone used by body builders at Ridley's home.
A whole 5 years, wow! Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime...... I take it there will be an appeal on the leniency of this sentence?


Sad waste of a good life, taken by a low life. 5 years? Just doesn't seem fair does it.
On the same day, another bloke gets 8 years for hanging onto a stolen book.

Makes you wonder, doesn't it?
So he'll be 24 or 25 when he's released? Because he'll only do have that minus any remand time already served. F***ing lovely.
Pathetic. The scumbag will be out in 2 - 3 years.

What's the maximum sentence for Manslaughter?


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What did Cameron say about Broken Britain again? Does he have the bo11ocks to do anything about it? Does he f***.
What did Cameron say about Broken Britain again? Does he have the bo11ocks to do anything about it? Does he f***.
Meet the new boss. Just as big a cnut as the old boss...
I must say it seems a ridiculously short sentence, especially as he had trained as a boxer. In my day that would have been worth five years on a GBH.
Very true,I know one of the boxers in our club went down for an attack in a club but that was over 20 years ago,maybe the rules for sentencing have changed.
Poor show indeed.

'You are a menace to society as a young man, try again when you are middle aged, 20 years, best of luck, march out.'

But blaming Cameron is just plain stupid.

When I say stupid, I mean as thick as mince.
5 sodding years?

That's the same as a basic mandatory Firearms Offence; ie me being caught by the plod walking down the street with a slightly over-sprung air rifle.

Utter fucking crap!
I think that although not Cameron's fault at all, he needs to take a big hard look at the Crown Prosecution Service.

Ken Clarke might want less people in prison, fair dos. I can understand why. So let's release more of the white collar criminals. If someone, say a economist, commimts fraud, why send them away for years? They can be put to better use. Force them to work for the CAB, putting their professional skills to use.

In my mind, violent criminals need to get custodial sentences every time. Long ones. Not every prisoner can or should be rehabilitated, so why bother trying.
Its not Cameron. Its the judges. Bunch of left wing cunts the lot of them.
More likely the CPS and the sentencing authority.

As he pled guilty to manslaughter, I'd guess this is the result of a plea bargain. The CPS downgrades his charge from murder and gets a guaranteed conviction without the need to spend £300 an hour on a QC that can prosecute a murder case.

The Testosterone Kid serves a couple of years instead of getting life when a jury convicts him of murder. Oh - and the judge has to give him a 30% discount for pleading guilty to manslaughter.

Could have been worse. I know of a case where a bloke beat somebody to death in the street, plead guilty to manslaughter and was out in 12 weeks. Spent his £40 release grant on cider and, within 12 hours, very nearly beat a pensioner to death because she wouldn't light his cigarette.

As in the post above, it's useful to compare the 5 years this scrote got with sentences for other crimes.

Simon Shephard - running a racially offensive web site - 4 years 10 months (The CPS sent in their anti-terrorist division)

Unnamed youth - rape of his school teacher - Life

John Laslett - robbing bookies' shops - Life reduced to six years on appeal

Jeffrey Archer - perjury - four years, served two

So our mate will serve six months more than Archer got for lying about his whoring exploits and six months less than John Laslett got for blagging a bookies armed with a ski mask and a plastic revolver. Nice.
Poor show indeed.

'You are a menace to society as a young man, try again when you are middle aged, 20 years, best of luck, march out.'

But blaming Cameron is just plain stupid.

When I say stupid, I mean as thick as mince.
Remind me again: where does the buck stop?

Laws are enforced by judges and lawyers but they are made by politicians. Remember, the Tories promised to repeal the Human Rights Act if elected, but that was very quickly kicked into touch.
Manslaughter my arse.
1. He was on steroids.
2. He was a BOXER.
He should have ******* got life with a long tariff.
Cameron/Clarke who ******* ever get a grip of the situation, this is NOT acceptable.

My thoughts to his widow and daughter.

Remind me again: where does the buck stop?
In this case, it stops with the judge, or possibly with three appeal court judges in the unlikely event that the Crown decides to appeal the leniency of the sentence. You can't have the PM, or any government minister, overruling judges in matters of sentencing.

If he could, Gordon Brown would have had a kiddy fiddler boiled alive once a month when the government's borrowing figures were published to distract the rest of us from the bad news. You'd have had Harriet Harman sending Prince Harry down for life for uttering the word "raghead".

You can get life for manslaughter. The judge decided on five years. That's got nothing to do with the Human Rights Act but everything to do with the judge's interpretation of sentencing council guidelines. If he got it wrong, he deserves to be sacked. If he got it right a serious look at the sentencing council needs to take place. In particular, we need to ask why people like the former editor of ultra left wing "Socialist Alternative" magazine and the head of the Citizen's Advice Bureau are making decisions about UK sentencing policy.

My view is that the non-judicial members of the sentencing council should be elected, same as the MPs who make our law. We also need to accept that we have American levels of crime and disorder in Britain. IIRC, the Americans have capacity to keep 2.5% of their population in prison at any one time. We have space for 0.12% of our population.

Time to build a load of low cost prisons in the middle of nowhere. Stick violent and persistent criminals in there for the rest of their lives and watch crime levels plummet.

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