Thug charged over death of ex-soldier.

RIP Stan,
My condolences to your family & friends.

A man has been charged with murder after a 60-year-old man died in hospital four days after a fall from a bus in County Durham.

Stan Dixon, from Horden, was travelling on the 243 Arriva bus on Saturday night when he became involved in a row.

He attempted to got off the vehicle and was left with serious injuries on the pavement. He died on Wednesday.

A 23-year-old Peterlee man has been charged with murder and will appear before magistrates on Thursday.
BBC News 03/07/08

Original story;

A former soldier who asked thugs on a bus not to swear in front of a lady was fighting for life last night after they attacked him.

Stan Dixon, 60, renowned for his traditional values, was travelling home with his 41-year-old partner on Saturday evening when he heard the group's bad language.

He asked them to refrain from swearing in front of a woman - but the couple were met with a torrent of abuse.

To avoid any further confrontation, they decided to get off at an earlier stop than they had planned.

But as they stood at the doors of the bus, which was nearing Mr Dixon's home in Horden, County Durham, two of the gang pushed him in the back.

The father of three fell forwards off the bus, on to the road where he collapsed unconscious with major head injuries.

Mr Dixon was taken by ambulance to Sunderland Royal Hospital, then transferred to Newcastle General, where his injuries were described as life threatening. He is on a life support machine.

Last night, his partner, Anne Fisher, was at his bed with family members. She has told friends she fears the worst.

Mr Dixon's next-door neighbour Edward Slack, 67, said: 'Stan is a thoroughly decent man who would rather do a good turn than a bad turn.

'It doesn't surprise me that he would ask someone to stop swearing in public, especially if he was out with his lady friend.

'Stan's something of an old fashioned bloke with traditional values, it's just the type of thing I would expect him to do, rather than sit and pretend it wasn't happening.'
Daily Hate article

I hope the judge throws the book at this scum!
So do I, Spike, but I'm not going to hold my breath. :roll:

Even if he's convicted of Murder - and there's a fcuking good chance it will be reduced to Manslaughter - the average "Life Sentance" is 12 years. Of which he would be unlucky to serve more than 8. :x

I used to think Judge Dredd was just a comic book hero. These days, the Judge System seems to be the only sane choice, and the sooner we set it up the better... :x :evil:
Yet another episode. Its a sad irony that these thugs seem to think less of taking a life than any soldier would.

Another plague might do some culling.
Tigz said:
When are these kids going to learn?
What is it you're expecting them to learn? They run with their gangs and all they live for is being seen to be a 'solid guy'. They have nothing else in their lives and the only respect they have is for each other.

Instances such as this will continue to happen and we'll sit roung and worry about it until the next thing comes along.
Tigz said:
When are these kids going to learn?
The sad fact is that they are not. They dont give a toss because they know the judicial system is a sham and, as mentioned by Werewolf, even if they do finally get some sort of conviction they will spend feck all real time in prison. :x

Another sad chapter to a country that is becoming more and more depressing.
Tigz said:
When are these kids going to learn?
I think a more relevant question is "when are the people in a position of authority going to do something about situations like this?"

As long as mediocre punishments are handed out and prisons are better equipped with luxuries than most Travel Inns nothing will change.
mediumwhiteamericano said:
You think the parents can control these kids?
Well seeing as the parents show no self control when producing these litters of feral offspring ... its a bit much to expect the kids to show any....
Well!!!! Parents?!? Hmmmmmm
Sorry but I too think it has a lot to do with how a child is brought up... I know of the killer, and personally I think it's not going to bother him if/when he is sent down (he'll probably love it, aren't prisons these days like bloomin holiday camps anyway?). In cases like this, it should be a life for a life and not a measly 12yrs which he'll likely get.
I feel sorry for Mr Dixon's family and friends, especially his son and 2 daughters... The killer is only 2years younger than Mr Dixon' youngest daughter so chances are, she will know Gary Robson 23, also, Peterlee isn't too far from Horden so they may of even gone to the same school at one point!!

....................R.I.P Mr Dixon..............
It's got everything to do with the parents I am afraid. However, there comes a time when these kids start deffering to their gang leaders and the families take on a secondary role.
Its not the parents that should be blamed, its the grand-parents. By an large the people who breed this scum are no better than their kids, their parents were so busy chasing bingo and beer in the sixty's that we are now onto the second generation sh1t and in some cases third generation.
"Tough on crime and tough on the causes of crime".

One of the lies spouted by the grinning spiv in order to be elected in 1997. Since when violent crime has burgeoned, and all the 'clap-trap' refuting this fact, by politicians and politicised police chiefs, is lies.

May God rest the soul of this brave gentleman who had the courage, the guts, to stand up to some of the filth populating our streets.
I'm not blaming his parents completely as he is old enough to take responsibility for his own actions, I'm simply stating that if his parents had brought him up respecting his elders, He would of simply apologised for his foul language/behaviour and not of been confrontational...
This guy (whatever he is), clearly charged to the front of the bus to start something, even if it was just to try and intimidate Mr Dixon and his partner... Mr Dixon just wanted to get himself and his partner out of the unpleasant situation that he'd found himself in (thats why he was leaving the bus before his intended stop).
I'm not sure it was anything to do with a gang (as such), apparently it was just 2 young men and a woman (arguing). If this was the case, why were they not asked to leave the bus or to quieten down by the driver if they were getting out of hand?!? It's cost a loving father and partner his life. This should of/could of been prevented!
Drive a bus over the 3 yobs heads.

That´ll fcuking learn ém.
chocolate_frog said:
Drive a bus over the 3 yobs heads.

That´ll fcuking learn ém.
fcukin........please. :wink:
chocolate_frog said:
Drive a bus over the 3 yobs heads.

That´ll fcuking learn ém.
I volunteer to drive the bus. However, I'm not that good a driver, and may accidently crush thier legs first. Before reversing over thier heads as they scream in agony... :twisted:

Hey, if a job's worth doing, it's worth taking the time to do WELL! :twisted: :wink:
Feck me - this shit is happening right down the road to my old's house (I joined the Army at the now demolished ACO in Horden as it was the closest one to my house) - could have very well been my Dad on that bus!

I blame myself - I left that area to get away from the root causes of all this crap - I had some sort of premoniton that the area was going to go to rats, now where did I get that idea from? perhaps if I'd have stayed on a bit longer I would be been able to kill this mongrel years ago in some form of chain-saw 'accident' thus preventing him from being around to make this tragic event happen.

I hope that should heaven exist, that Mr Dixon is resting peacfully blessed with all of the trappings deserving of a thouroughly decent chap. - if anything he was the 'solid guy' mentioned earlier, not the murdering scum-bag.

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