Thu 11 Aug 11- Would whoever stole the teeth of The British Police bring them back?


We have an opportunity with Parliament's recall tomorrow to address the issues whereby The Met, followed by other police services, have been unable to contain threats to people and property without significant damage, fear and harrassment.

The Human Rights of many of our citizens has been made a total mockery as they are threatened, their property and our infrastructure damaged whilst police look on, and their lives put at risk, and in having to eventually pay for all the damage!

If The Army is brought in we give a new and even higher status to the rioters and looters which they do not deserve (even granted The Army has already been tasked with a few other jobs)

We cannot afford to contain it by leaving the suburbs with less police, and take them to London every night.

The Police MUST contain it.

Parliament must look on Thursday as to what it can do to give the police confidence that if they act strongly, they will NOT be pilloried in the courts.

They need powers, under the lines of the old Riot Act, where with a magistrates permission they can ask for the streets to clear, and if not cleared do something about it, with the least possible risk to themselves.

Yes there will be very occasional situations where some drunk doesn't hear the tannoys and clear the area and bad things happen, but that has to be accepted as par for the course, and the government needs to safeguard police service and individual policemen in dealing with their priorities as priorities.

Os this a mindless Daily Mail style rant, or does it make sense?

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