Thrown my back out, advice needed

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Agent_Smith, Jun 2, 2005.

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  1. I was running along the beach on tuesday night and done about 3 miles and was on the last 100yds which are tarmac. I was running with my dog and a mate, so i decided to pick up the pace in the last 50. it was going well until 15 yrds from the end when a sudden pain shot across my back.

    It felt like i had been hit by a sledge hammer and the heat spread across my back (above the left kidney and below my shoulder blades). It was murder walking the last few yrds and then driving home was a nightmare!

    Got home and had a hot radox bath for an hour and then plastered it with deepheat gel and had to sleep on the floor as it was the only place i could get comfy.

    The pain is easing slowly, but is there anything special i should do to help get it better and any way to stop it heppening again?

    Agent smith (hobbling around like a mong :D )
  2. Only thing I can think of is that exercise where you lie in your stomach, then go to your elbows, then to your hands (arms fully stretched). As you can see, explaining things via words is not my strong point :oops:
  3. Go and see a physiotherapist, should be able to help you through this episode and advise you for exercises to strenghtnen your back to prevent it happening again.
  4. Go & see an osteopath. It's always best to get injuries checked out as if you just assume it's a pulled muscle & it's something more you could inflict further damage.
  5. That is a great exercise - basically it is a press up with your hips staying on the ground so that you arch your back. Push to the pain, not through it and try to do the exercise at least 10 times every hour or so during the day. Also avoid sitting and rest lying down in whatever position is most comfortable.

    If you are not at least 60% better within 4 days - get to the Dr and ask to see a physio.

    As far as prevention is concerned - good posture, not too much sitting and stay active. Pilates is a good spinal strengthening programme which can help if you have had lots of problems over a period of a few months or years.

    Good luck! :wink:
  6. Thanks LadyHamilton for putting that in a much more coherent way than I could :D

    What exactly is Pilates? I've heard of it but never seen it explained.
  7. A lot ob back problems start with the feet! Another cause could be excess pronation (flat-ish feet)! Either get off the shelf orthopedic insoles or get a referral from your GP to go to your local hospital. The army physio gave me the modular type which are ok however they tend to make your feet throb after a few hours of high impact exercise. The best ones are made with a cast of your feet and made to measure by the local hospital. DONT go to a private consultant as you will shell out loads of Wonga on what the Army/NHS will give you for nothing! They are the dogs and i have no problems now, however you will become dependant on them! :!:
  8. Thankfully it seems to have eased off aftre two days off and im back at work, just taking it easy.

    I didnt realise how boring it could be being unemployed. 8O

    Anyway, im gonna take it easy and see what happens, but once im back on top form, i plan on integrating back exercises into my regular fitness sessions.

    What makes it worse is that i'm young and have never had problems with my back. I can tab with heavy weights no prob and had no prob lifting heavy weights such as bags of cement/sand or big paving slabs.

    mmm, just have to take it easy i guess and see where it takes me...

  9. Pilates is a series of exercises developed by a German guy about 100 years ago - it is all about correcting your posture and training your 'core' muscles to maintain the good posture through a series of harder and harder exercises. These core muscles also form the natural muscular corset that supports your spine and protects it from damage. Unfortunately these are the first things to go when you get back pain - they de-activate within hours of the pain starting and don't re-activate when the pain goes unless you are given specific exercises - which is why people keep getting back pain after the first episode if it is not treated properly.

    Give it a go - its all good fun and really good for you!
  10. Sounds like it - my posture's f'ing awful for starters :D

    Agent_Smith: You might have just had an off moment. Hope it clears up soon though :)
  11. Seems to have eased up.

    Just gonna take it easy for the next week or so (no kinky sex games for me then :oops: :D )

  12. I can't advise this strongly enough.

    Go see a properly-accredited physiotherapist.

    Yes, they'll probably advise some core stability exercises (Do them!) or tell you to take up Pilates as part of your fitness programme, whatever.

    You don't see a professional for the 90% of situations where everything turns out to be behaving as expected. You see them just in case this is one of the 10% of situations where things aren't behaving as expected, and the "standard" advice will screw things up.

    A lawyer mate points out that this is how solicitors manage their cut-price house conveyancing; the cheap blokes make enough profit from the skimpy "good enough" job that they do on nine houses, to cover things when the tenth house turns out to have a legal can of worms attached.
  13. I have had similar problems, can carry weight no probs, jsut a wrong move can put it out. Had a bad episode similar to what you described, went to an ostiopath (sp) and he really sorted it. One session later i thought i was conned, but 2 days later right as rain and never looked back! Thats from a stage when it was all i could do to get out of bed and even sneezing really hurt! Remember Docs are great, but the know feck all when it comes to backs!

  14. Surley, that depends on the doctor!
  15. And physios know better that DRs and Osteopaths ( and Chiropractors... ) and they are free if your Dr referrs you!