Throwaway soldiers - 30 March 19:30 Channel 4

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by subbsonic, Mar 31, 2007.

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  1. Did anyone catch all of The Insider: Martin Bell- Throwaway soldiers on Channel 4 last night.

    I only came in half way through, just in time to see Twigg passing the buck squarely over to the NHS.

    Bell was squarely on the side of the armed services, pointing out that not a single member of the Government side of Parliament had ever served.

    Director of the Royal Hospital also came over as v credible.

    Sadly most of the country will have been watching the real issues of national importance unfolding on Coronation Street.

    Perhaps they would pay more attention if Les Battersby was PM.

    If only they could get Jim McDonald out of prison, we could have space for some veteran's issues in the plot. - Sadly it might have more influence with those on the Clapham Omnibus, than the intellectual rigour applied last night by Martin Bell + Co :cry:
  2. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    Yes....excellent and important programme ..... personal unabashed polemic from former soldier Martin Bell.......featured a lot of PTSD issues,good stuff from Combat Stress .....personal pleas from Simon Weston and Colonel Tim Collins.

    Main thrust from Martin Bell was that the Covenant between our Service people and the nation had broken - and must be enshrined in LAW.

    A whole lot of footage shot at Royal Centre for Defence Medicine was edited out , but nice to hear a badly injured 2 Rifles Sgt saying how good his treatment there had been - not least because that cuts across the media's favourite line at the moment.

    I have it on VHS - I'll see if I can get it copied. PM me.

    PS - a number of Arrsers are running the Flora London Marathon this year to raise money for Combat Stress - check this thread and give four foot nothing .dolly your maximum support - PLEASE.

    Lee Shaver
  3. Can this not be part of an e-petition to the government and then actioned in the Houses of Parliment (if this is how the system works?).

    Perhaps a cause worthy of BAFF intervention or/and support, could they legalise the wording and open the petition?
  4. yes, thought it clearly got over the lack of support for a serious problem ... as usual the government spokesman said he wasn't aware of this and that ... if that's his job and department, why not ? plonker !