Throw them out?????

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by calla7025, Sep 29, 2003.

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  1. Should TA soldiers who are not fit to deploy or had an excuse as to why they couldnt be booted out of the TA saving a heafty packet on bounty????
    Dont get me wrong the TA have a lot to offer but they do have a lot of people that have no intention of deploying under any circunstances, so forget about the numbers get rid of the baggage!!!!!!! :idea:
  2. should get rid of the tour dodging regulars as well, that way at least id know why i always seem to be away while others sit back waving their 'get out of tour free' cards. tossers :twisted: :twisted:
  3. I agree totaly its not just a TA thing!!!!! but it is more prevalent in the TA
  4. And while im on the subject! what about the Nurses and doctors that are'nt clinically current and being sent out to military hospitals!!!!! is this good procedure??
  5. only if they are fit birds with a cracking set of lungs :twisted: :twisted:

    but seriously, if you aint current as a civvie nurse or doc then no, they shouldnt be deployed. (unless see above)
  6. There's not many with a good set of lungs so i rest my case lol.

    sorry plenty with a good set of lungs for winging :roll:
  7. Two issues here, fitness and availablility.

    One of mine claimed illness to avoid TELIC 3. I had the doc check him out and the result is that soldier is now medically downgraded for six months. If he's not fit to fight in six months time I'll discharge him. The Company carries out the BPFA on a regular basis and the ICFT every eight weeks or so. As a result we have a fit and robust Company. Not fit to fight? Look at the unit, not the bloke.

    I have several soldiers who are not available for deployment at the moment for employment (i.e. very likely employer appeal) or educational (e.g. final year of degree course) reasons, and two for family reasons, namely terminal illness of next of kin. Most of these soldiers will have changed circumstances in the medium term that will allow their future deployment. There are one or two, however, that will probably never be able to deploy and perhaps they should take a hard look at themselves.
  8. I would have to agree whole heartedly.
  9. Ventress

    Ventress LE Moderator

    Like they say, when the TA are good they are ok, when they are bad they are rubbish.

    We has TA with us here (I am one also) whom I am amazed they let wear a unifrom- in fact most of them dont anyway, they think they are in Vietnam! Luckily they are being dealt with.

    Some of them see the foundations of the Army as a inconvinience, such as discipline, respect, integrity and loyalty.
  10. There are good and bad, but how can we kick them out when they see the regulars doing it aswell. When yopu deploy you always see the same old faces.

    Some posts are ring fenced so why not post the fat, lazy, useless & bone idle ones into those posts, thus allowing those who joined up for deployments and soldiering to do so!!!

    Surely it would decrease the tour that the personnel do. Slightly!!!
  11. maybe the fact that the TAfor years has been a cushy number nobody really took seriously certainly not MOD re level of spending on it.
    now chickens are coming home to roost
  12. Have to agree short of the admin posts any unit needs filled in peacetime but can live without in field . if you cant deploy ever you should be binned .The thing is since the cold war went away noone knows what the ta is to be used for .formed unit , formed sub unit ,indviduial replacement ,ftrs pool ? home defence /ccrf ? .
    someone come up with a plan and let us know off to chillwell in morning must get back to filling minidiscs
  13. We need layabouts and Biffs to stay at home and do the sh1t jobs that no decent hard working soldier wants to do
  15. just kill em all. TA twats