Throw the key into the Nile


Three Britons are jailed in Egypt

The Britons were arrested in April 2002 and were accused of trying to overthrow the Egyptian government.

In total 26 people were jailed on Thursday for plotting "to revolt against" established Islamic regimes.

Mr Nisbet, 29, of Upton Park, east London and originally from Oxon, and Mr Pankhurst, 25, are computer consultants, while Mr Nawaz, 24, from Westcliff-on-Sea is an undergraduate studying Arabic and law.

"We're not sad," said Mr Nisbett, 29, who now goes by the name of Yehiya Nisbett.

"We've always known that they're oppressors. Now they are confirming that. Thank God for everything.

"We hope God is going to award us in the afterlife"
Or plant his size 11's up your azz for being a tool.

Now I expect the Foreign Office will fall over themselves to get these fools released. :evil:

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