Throw BAE to the wolves

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Guardian_Reader, Oct 11, 2004.

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    The defence industry in the past was at the cutting edge of technology, in a number of areas cilivilian companies are now more advance.

    * Mobile/Satellite communications.
    * Microchips. A good example is Intel. The biggest market for microchips use to be the defence sector, now the situation is reversed. NRO (spy satellites), plan to be use the pentium chip (1993 version), not just due to cost but also lack of market clout.
  2. As a manfacturer of small waterproof plastic bags bae cant be beat
    (the bags blanks come in ) everything else is second rate.let it live and die in the market place .
  3. Why should the Bastards have any favours, the rest of companies had fewer handouts! The Manopolies Commission should have stopped the greedy scrotes long before now.
  4. best place to keep fags and phone and wallet in :lol: