Throw Another Horse On The BBQ

These originated in Ireland didn't they?

It's taken a fekin long time for Shergar to turn up..... so if you end up with one of these 'burgers' I'd check the Sell By date too....
I've just checked the burgers in my freezer. They're in date...... but they're off.
I'll get my coat.

BTW I ate horse in Kazakhstan a few years ago, tastes great.


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I went to the bol dor 24 m/cycle race in 87 and on the ride down we stopped fos steak and chips.
The steak was blue and tasty and it wasnt until we paid that we realized we had just eaten horse.
We kicked of a bit cos the staff tried to charge us extra.
I still cant get my head around that. We just got on our bikes and joined the masses heading south.
it was tasty though, and yes shergar did cross my mind, it would still of been fresh

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