Thrice damn you RTFQ!

Several months ago I read RTFQ's posts in the “Pardon my erection” thread.

Then I got to this post:

And namely the following Quote:
RTFQ said:
I’ll take to my grave. He looked like he’d just that moment been diddled by Ellie Crisell from the Newsround team with a strap-on.
Gawd forking damn it! Couldn’t you have picked someone else for this description? It's not that I have a thing for the young lady, no, it’s the fact that when ever Newsround, and Miss Crisell is on TV, I instantly remember this post. And start sniggering. But things get worse!

The other day my other half had her 10 year old sister round, and Ellie appears on TV, with a certain dirty look on her face, and instantly I get bad flashbacks to that quote. Now this is a bad flashback, almost as much Pain and laughter that is involved in reading all the Mini-RTFQ posts back to back.

So off I scuttle trying to get out of the room before I start laughing and have to explain why I'm Laughing at Ellie talking about the latest disaster, to a 10 year old.

Sadly I head off for a dump, and start Laughing in the toilet. But it's worse than ever, Tears are streaming down my face as Shiite is being fired out my ass. I'm in serious pain here. When I finally clam down And return to the front room, both my fiancé and her sister are looking at me like I'm tapped in the head, laughing like that while having a Dump.

So thrice damn you RTFQ, this is added to the long list of Computer monitors and Keyboards you've caused people to wreck!


War Hero
Yes, she is rather tasty isn't she?

I love this one:

Which is odd, because England says 'Ohhhhhh yes!'

From here
That look, and that post together just make me laugth. You can see her doing it to the poor bloke with that Same look she's wearing in that picy.
Don't blame me, and don't deny that you hadn't imagined what it would be like to have ellie going rodeo on your arrse. Next you'll be saying that you don't daydream about playing the Dirty-Clean game with the female cast of Byker Grove.

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